Our sincere thanks to our well-wishers and supporters before, during and after Irma. The lemurs and staff safely rode out the storm on the reserve. Now, s taff are busy assessing damage, hoping to get the lemurs from their shelters back into the forest soon.  We're so grateful for the hurricane supplies received from our Amazon Wish List . Pictured: Ring-tailed lemurs huddled in their shelter, a few of the Amazon donations, dedicated LCF staff.
New seasons bring new treats for LCF lemurs. Jack-o-lanterns are a fun source of enrichment and a nutritious snack. Additional treats are placed inside the pumpkins, not as a trick, but so that our curious lemurs can enjoy their treasures even longer. While some children might frown, if one of our lemurs received a box of raisins in a Halloween trick-or-treat bag, they'd love that, too.
On the ground in Madagascar, LCF has introduced fresh water fish farming as an alternative source of sustainable animal protein to help reduce pressure for lemur hunting while generating local income. In August, our annual fish harvest took place at LCF's model pond near Andapa. Remarkably, this year was even more successful than last year! 350 adult paratilapia polleni (a native species) were harvested, yielding 78 lbs. (35.5 kg) of fish which sell at the high price of $6.70 USD per kg. Below, members of the Antanetiambo Nature Reserve team are pictured during the recent harvest. We love their mutual collaboration and tee-shirts!
Born in 1994 and 1991 respectively, collared brown lemurs (Eulemur collaris) Jacques and Lucy came to LCF's reserve late in their lives in 2012.

Fondly known as ‘The Old Couple,’ they live in a geriatric-friendly enclosure, as both have mild arthritis. It includes branching low to the ground, ramps, and low-lying dog beds.

The pair can often be found cuddled up sleeping inside on their favorite bed or outside in their beloved basket. 
Elizabeth Moore
Honorary Chair

Dr. Ian Tattersall
Guest Speaker

Dr. George Amato
Master of Ceremonies

Save the Date
Thursday, December 14, 2017
6:00 PM Cocktails
7:00 PM Dinner
Michael's On East , Sarasota
Black Tie Optional

Dr. Ian Tattersall , world-renowned paleoanthropologist and an emeritus curator with the American Museum of Natural History, will fascinate guests with stories about his work to uncover the mysteries of lemurs in Madagascar and with LCF.

Ikoto's Promise , above, by LCF Founder Penelope Bodry-Sanders, represents LCF’s commitment to preventing lemurs from becoming extinct. Ikoto, the last Sanford’s brown lemur (Eulemur sanfordi) in the United States, lives at the LCF Myakka City reserve.

Gala proceeds support LCF's urgent mission to prevent the world's most threatened mammal group from becoming extinct.

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Tickets $200
For more information, contact Tora Buttaro, LCF Director of Development, at or 941-812-3233.
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