June 16, 2021
Lender Bulletin 2021-4: Retirement of the Home Seeker Down Payment Assistance Program
Effected Programs: HomeSeeker DPA
Effective Date: 6/21/21
Due to the current health concerns related to COVID-19, the vast majority of NJHMFA staff will be working remotely until further notice. Please contact Agency staff via their work email address. NJHMFA encourages all of our business partners and constituents to submit any and all documentation in an electronic format whenever possible as staff will continue to check email and review information submitted electronically.  
Attention Lenders:
Effective June 21, 2021, NJHMFA will be retiring the federally funded HomeSeeker Down Payment Assistance Program, and all Down Payment Assistance (DPA) will use the Smart Start program.
This means that HomeSeeker will no longer be an available DPA option when registering loans on the Internet Loan Reservation System (ILRS). Instead, Lenders will reserve all DPA loans under the Smart Start Program, regardless of the county of the subject property.
Starting June 21, 2021, the Smart Start Program will be the single NJHMFA DPA Program, offered statewide to eligible applicants. This adjustment will not impact the availability of funding for DPA, nor will it in anyway impact the current scope of the DPA program. The most relevant change is that Lenders will need to register any DPA loans under the Smart Start Program and utilize the Smart Start DPA documents during the closing process.
Any pipeline HomeSeeker DPA loans that have not completed the pre-closing review by the Agency by June 30, 2021 will be adjusted by the Agency to the Smart Start program. NJHMFA will inform the lender of the change to ensure the correct documents are used at closing.
Please Note: The Smart Start DPA does not require the signing of the Dodd-Frank disclosure that was required for HomeSeeker. All other provisions of the DPA programs will remain the same.
If you there are any questions or concerns regarding this current update, please contact the NJHMFA Business Development Team at SFLenders@njhmfa.gov.
Questions? Need Help? 
If you have questions about one of our loan products or need help with a loan in the ILRS system, please e-mail your requests to SFLenders@njhmfa.gov.

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