April 10, 2018
Lender Online Updates
Updates to IFA’s Single Family internal software have prompted the following changes to Lender Online effective immediately:

  • IFA has moved to an automated assignment list. Lenders wanting review of a pre-close or post-close package or conditions MUST use the Submit button in Lender Online when uploading documents. If the submit button is not used, we will not be notified that documents have been uploaded for review which could cause potential delays.

  • Pre-close review responses will now be marked as “Approved” instead of “Response Given”. If "Incomplete" status is reflected additional documentation is needed.

  • We are happy to review conditions or Closing Disclosures prior to closing, however, once the pre-close file has reached the “Approved” status, lenders will only be able to upload documents to the post-close side in Lender Online.

Please contact your assigned  single-family team member  with any questions, 800-432-7230.
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