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Lenders Compliance Group
Joins Forces with The Bernard Law Group
March 1, 2012



I am pleased to inform you that Lenders Compliance Group has joined forces with The Bernard Law Group.   


Together, our two firms will build on existing tools, processes, risk assessment analyticals, and resources to provide a "best practices" approach to residential mortgage compliance. 


Through this strategic alliance, we will continue to offer the most comprehensive, hands-on, mortgage risk management guidance to the mortgage industry.  


I would like to tell you more about this exciting alliance.  



Jonathan Foxx - Portrait
Jonathan Foxx
President and
Managing Director






Strategic Alliance              

Lenders Compliance Group, Inc. (LCG), a nationwide mortgage risk management firm, and The Bernard Law Group, whose practice involves regulatory compliance, today announced a strategic alliance to offer mortgage risk management guidance to the mortgage industry. Together the two firms will build on existing tools, processes, risk assessments, and resources to provide a "best practices" approach to residential mortgage compliance. Both firms offer regulatory guidance to members of the real estate and banking industries.

LCG provides a suite of services for all areas of mortgage banking, such as loan audit analytics, mortgage compliance guidance, loan origination channel and product development, mortgage quality control, legal reviews and remedies, GSE applications, due diligence reviews, and banking, CFPB, and FinCEN exam readiness.

New Director      

Wendy Bernard, Esq., named partner of The Bernard Law Group, has accepted the position of Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance at Lenders Compliance Group, and in that capacity she will work with the firm's clients on their residential mortgage compliance needs. Qualifications Brief

Comments: Jonathan Foxx      

"Wendy Bernard has distinguished herself as an accomplished compliance professional and regulatory counsel," said Jonathan Foxx, President and Managing Director of Lenders Compliance Group. "Her deep involvement in nearly all aspects of the mortgage industry has given her a special perspective on its compliance needs. Wendy brings a unique blend of mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage experience. By becoming a Director of Lenders Compliance Group, she joins our other Directors and subject matter experts in support of a 'best practices' approach for our clients."

Comments: Wendy Bernard      

According to Ms. Bernard, "the breadth and scope of Jonathan Foxx's expertise in residential mortgage compliance is unparalleled in the mortgage industry and its measure is outdone only by his genuine concern for the organizational well being of those fortunate to be his clients."

Ms. Bernard stated, "It is clear that Lenders Compliance Group provides a wealth of information and unprecedented access to mortgage risk management support within the mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage industries. In my view, this strategic alliance between The Bernard Law Group and Lenders Compliance Group ensures that our respective clients are well versed and represented, with respect to all regulatory compliance issues affecting their businesses. I am excited to bring together our resources and provide 'best practices' compliance solutions to strengthen our clients and the industry."

About: Wendy Bernard      

Wendy Bernard has unique qualifications as a compliance attorney, as she has worked in the trenches of the mortgage and banking industry for over ten years. Her diverse experience and range of industry responsibilities include Commercial Lending Specialist, Loan Closing Specialist, Vice President of Quality Control, and Post-Closing compliance relating to the secondary market transactions and securitization.

Ms. Bernard has served not only as In House Counsel for several regional Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Brokers but also as a Vice President of Compliance and Secondary Markets. The Bernard Law Group advises clients concerning regulatory compliance, establishing comprehensive framework and execution plans for expansion, recruiting, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, state and Federal law, and the vast array of administrative regulations that impact consumer lending operations.

In addition to Ms. Bernard's law practice, she is a board member and organization counsel for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers - Connecticut Chapter; she teaches national and state mandatory continuing legal education as required for professional mortgage loan originators under the SAFE ACT; and, she is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Post University in Waterbury, CT. 

Ms. Bernard has received a Bronze Star Medal for performance of duty in a combat zone and is a 17 year veteran of the United States Army Reserve Judge Advocate Generals Corp.

Press Release 


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LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP is the first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States specializing exclusively in outsourced mortgage compliance and offering a full suite of services in residential mortgage banking for banks and non-banks. We are pioneers in outsourcing solutions for residential mortgage compliance. We offer our clients real-world, practical solutions to mortgage compliance issues, with an emphasis focused on operational assessment and improvement, benchmarking methodologies, Best Practices, regulatory compliance, and mortgage risk management. We are pioneers in outsourcing solutions for mortgage compliance.


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