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"Lending a Lifeline by Lending Laptops" - ERA Pilots Program to Help Families in Need Canada Wide During COVID-19 (Featured Article)
Featured Article from the ERA, a CIPS Corporate Partner

Canadian Electronic Recycling Association   introduces a new program called " Lending a Lifeline by Lending a Laptop " due to mass quantities of incoming donation requests
CANADA, April 1, 2020 /CNW/ - The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) announced a new program that will help equip families and organizations with the gift of technology throughout COVID-19. A lot of companies are stepping up with new and unique ideas throughout COVID-19, it is no shock that the ERA too has created a program to help those in need through these tough times.

Within the last two weeks, the ERA has seen a massive increase in online donation requests, primarily coming from families who, before COVID-19, did not own a laptop or a computer and would utilize their local libraries to gain online access for school work and other digital necessity.

With the new generated demand created by COVID-19, ERA has introduced a new program called "Lending a Lifeline by Lending a Laptop". This program is built to help families and organizations that are in need of devices at home. Throughout the last couple of days, ERA has seen their list of requests go from tens to hundreds in such a short period of time.

CIPS Submission to the Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada:
Proposals for ensuring appropriate regulation of artificial intelligence

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is engaged in legislative reform policy analysis of both federal privacy laws and are examining artificial intelligence (AI) as a subset of this work as it relates specifically to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). In their view, AI presents fundamental challenges to all PIPEDA principles and they have identified several areas where the Act could be enhanced.
In the opinion of The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, responsible innovation involving AI systems must take place in a regulatory environment that respects fundamental rights and creates the conditions for trust in the digital economy to flourish.
They are consulting with experts in the field to validate their understanding of how privacy principles should apply and whether their proposals would be consistent with the responsible development and deployment of AI systems.
CIPS has submitted a response to this review based on the consolidated input of our members:

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IFIP IP3 Seeks Input to the Global Policy Framework for Responsible AI: Principle 3 – Transparency and Explainability
AI and algorithmic decision-making will over time bring significant benefits to many areas of our human endeavours. The proliferation of AI systems imbued with increasingly complex mathematical modelling and machine learning algorithms are being integrated in virtually every sector of the economy and society, to support and in many cases undertake more autonomous decisions and actions. Algorithmic decision-making is often opaque and complex, and it can be difficult to explain the rationale for its conclusions – raising concerns including trustworthiness, accountability, liability, explainability, interpretability, transparency and human control. 

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jonathan Hecht: Head of Pandemic Resource Team; Expert in global macro systems; Strategist and
Jon Gosier: Tech and Crisis response; Data and Analytics
This week, Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP has an exclusive interview with Jonathan Hecht and Jon Gosier.

Jonathan Hecht is head of the Pandemic Resource Team and an expert in global macro systems.

Jon Gosier is an executive who has spent 10 years building tech companies to acquisition with a particular focus on data and analytics. He is the Producer of several films and published author.

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