Prayer for Good Friday

God, we surrender ourselves today to You with our siblings around the world.  On this day of Good Friday, Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. We remember You Jesus in our hearts, minds, and souls.  You shared our humanity in suffering and in joy. God, we give our home the earth and all Your creation into Your heart.

Under the shadow of Your wings, we sing for joy, we are sheltered and lifted up.  You have been our help in times of need. Our souls cling to You as we follow our brother Jesus through times of testing.  Your might upholds each one so we may be able to endure. Holy Spirit surround and guide Your people and Your churches. Help us to heal the broken and powerless on earth by following Your example, releasing hatred with forgiveness.  We put our trust in You and give to You all of who we are.
Help us to release the overwhelming neediness of the world into Your care.  Jesus allow us to give and receive each day Your love, light, and life everlasting.  Holy Spirit surround and guide all Your people and bring us into eternal joy through the power of Your love on earth as it is heaven. Amen.
Reflection by Rev. Dr. Lori Dick
UFMCC Program Officer of the Women's Health Working Group
Staff clergy at Founders MCC Los Angeles, California, USA
Osteopathic physician in practice in San Dimas, California, USA
The theme for Lent invites us to play with the words  Give and Take  and the whole balance of giving and receiving. This spiritual practice extends itself beyond Lent having led us to and new life in body and soul. More information is available on Google Drive at these links:

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