A Prayer for Balance on Our Lenten Journey

Heavenly Creator,
Take from us our spirit of separation and give to us instead a spirit of inclusive unity. Take from us the unspoken pain that runs deep and replace it with Divine comfort.
God of all creation, send a wave of love throughout the world to bring all people together.
In this Lenten season, take from us evil and dark.
Replace it with all that is good and light.
Gather your flock in mind, body and spirit.
Give to us the laser sharp focus needed to love all your creations unconditionally.
Take from us the guilt when we fail and give to us the courage to keep trying.
Take from us our tired visions and give us a renewed strength to charge ahead in the paths you have made for us.
In your many names we pray,

Reflection by Chris Willingham
Cornerstone MCC
Mobile, AL
Ministry Team Lead
Treasurer (B.O.D.)
Graduate of the US L.E.A.D. 11 Program (Laity Empowered for Active Discipleship)

The theme for Lent invites us to play with the words  Give and Take  and the whole balance of giving and receiving. This spiritual practice extends itself beyond Lent having led us to and new life in body and soul. More information is available on Google Drive at these links:

Not familiar with Google Drive? We are happy to help! Contact us:  Communications@MCCchurch.net
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