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Friday, March 10
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The theme for the second week in Lent is “Creational Love Dwelling Among Us,” based on the Praying with PWRDF reflection from Bishop Riscylla February 4, 2021. Learn more about PWRDF's work supporting Indigenous communities in Canada below.
Video: Cheryl Marek and Mapping the Ground We Stand On
Cheryl Marek is a volunteer facilitator of the Mapping Exercise, PWRDF's reconciliation education workshop. In this video, you'll see her response to participating in the exercise and becoming a facilitator.
Activity: Explore the land
Invite someone – or simply invite yourself – to a walk on the land. If you live in an urban centre, try to take that walk through a green space, a park or ravine or urban greenbelt trail. If you live in a rural area, perhaps there is a hiking trail or an old railbed that has become one. Take some time to notice any changes along your path. Are the trees showing signs of first buds or are they still in their winter slumber? Do you hear birdsong? If so, can you identify the birds that are singing? Are there any animals about – squirrels, chipmunks, etc.? What other sights do you see, sounds you hear? How does the earth, the land, feel under your feet? Is it still winter hard or spring soft? At some point along the way – especially if the sun is shining – stretch out your arms, turn your face up to the sun and give thanks for God’s good creation.