Lent with the English Saints:

Sermon Series and

Christian Formation

The sermons during Lent will be a series focusing on the lives and work of English poets. Throughout human history and civilization poetry has been a way to express an individual’s and even a group’s spirituality and belief. Poetry is at the heart of the Christian prayer in the form of the psalms, and a key element in worship in the form of hymns. Sometimes poetry helps us to name our own feelings, desires and fears.  It is the hope that our journey with the English poets will be offer reflection and challenge as we observe Lent and look towards Easter.

In conjunction with this sermon series a program of presentations will be made between the 8am and 10am Eucharists by a number of qualified members of the congregation. Each presentation will offer details on the life and work of the week's poet, as well and an opportunity for conversation and discussion.

1st Sunday in Lent (February 26) - Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus

Presentation by John Davies

2nd Sunday in Lent (March 6) - John Henry Newman's Lead Kindly Light

Presentation by Curt Asher

3rd Sunday in Lent (March 13) - John Betjeman's Lenten Thoughts of a High Anglican

Presentation by Shelby Ordoñez-Jones

4th Sunday in Lent (March 20) - James Lee Hunt's Abou Ben Adhem

Presentation by Hank Webb

5th Sunday in Lent (March 27) - W. H. Auden's Funeral Blues

Presentation by Curt Asher

Palm Sunday (April 2) - Presentation on Philip Larkin and John Donne by Stafford Betty

Holy Week Sermons - John Keble's The Christian Year