March 5 2020
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Rector's Message
Last night, we asked a couple of questions during a Lenten series on core values that have stuck with me today. First, what is something good you do unselfconsciously? The example given was dancing. This is not true for me. I am very self-conscious when I happen to be dancing. I avoid dancing at all costs. But I know people who are unselfconscious dancers; when the music starts, so do they. I wish I was like that.

The second question was this, what would make you grieve or even cry if you had to stop doing it or being it? For me cycling is one of my answers to both questions. I have ridden so much--commuting, touring, for fun--that I don't have to think about it. And when Jen and I ride together, we naturally fall into a rhythm together, in our pace but also in how we check traffic and make turns. We don't have to think about it anymore. If I had to stop cycling, I would be very, very sad.

Thinking about this for some activity like cycling is perhaps easier than for a spiritual action or habit. What is an easy natural spiritual practice of yours? What is a practice that you simply could not stop without tears? Perhaps it is your daily devotion, centering prayer, going to Holy Communion, a spiritual walk. It could be any number of things. In this holy season, have you considered strengthening a strength. For me, metaphorically getting on spiritual bicycle and riding to my heart's content. What would make your heart sing? What is stopping you? Remove those obstacles and do it. If you see a smiling fool, pedalling away on his blue Surly touring bike in March, give me a wide berth! 
From the Sr. Warden
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ray Warren
We are looking for "Coffee Hour Lite" volunteers on the first Sunday of each month. On the first Sunday of the month members of the Vestry provide the food for the coffee hour after the 9:30 service. But members of the Vestry are also in the choir, Eucharistic ministers, lectors and/or the Verger. (In other words active participants in the 9:30 service.) Plus, at least two Vestry members attend the 7:30 service. 

"The first Sunday "Coffee Hour Lite" team will not be responsible for providing food (the Vestry will do that). The primary tasks will be to set up the coffee hour, make sure things run smoothly during it, and clean up when it is over. If you can help each month or just one or more months, please contact the office at or 305-296-5142. Or, simply tell a member of the Vestry.

If you usually use giving envelopes the new ones for this year are in the back of the church. Please check for yours and take them with you. If you would like to have envelopes, please contact the church office. Envelopes help the tellers properly record your weekly gift.
Stewardship Update
The Stewardship Team is in the process of scheduling “in person” conversations with as many St. Paul’s parishioners as possible in the month of March. The purpose of these impromptu discussions is to provide an update on the financial status of our church, gain an understanding of your priorities and thoughts on church finances and most importantly, to thank you for supporting St. Paul’s. Please be on the lookout for our request to “come visit”, sharing thoughts together on our church.
As we know, St. Paul’s snowbirds are a very important part of our congregation and church life, serving on vestry, singing in the choir, volunteering for nearly every church activity. Snowbirds enrich our church in extraordinary ways. Tammi and Bob Hoback, a snowbird couple that count their annual Key West time in weeks, not months, recently wrote to the Stewardship Team to share their thoughts on the realities of having two churches and two communities that they love to call home. Here is a short excerpt from their letter:
Greetings seasonal St Paul's parishioners! We would like to reach out to those of us who make Key West a part-time home and value St Paul's as a part-time home church. So many of us have a secondary church near and dear to our hearts. St Paul's is more than our southern worship venue. It's a place where we seek spiritual nurture throughout the warm winter and become involved in parish activities. Whatever your level of involvement, we would like to express our fervent gratitude for the history of generous support by our seasonal parishioners! As is the nature of parishes with a hearty percentage of part-time attendees, substantial contributions land in "plate offerings" without the ability to budget for the valuable services they can provide throughout the year. We are asking our seasonal congregants if they might consider pledging to St Paul's for even a portion of what they anticipate contributing to our parish in 2020. Pledging allows the parish to commit to services, manpower or community outreach that fulfills our mission here in Key West. Please assist us by filling out a pledge card today! Tammi and Bob Hoback .
Thank you Tammi and Bob, as well as our thanks to all snowbirds that play such a key role at St. Paul’s.

Daylight Savings Time
Remember to set your clocks forward 1 hour Saturday night, so we see you on time Sunday morning.
Memorial Bricks Project
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sarah Kindinger
The campaign for the commemorative bricks in the Memorial Garden is complete.  However, we will continue to accept orders here and proceed with fabrication of additional bricks as enough orders are received in groups, typically of 18 bricks.  I encourage you to visit the Memorial Garden to read the heartfelt inscriptions on the 84 bricks installed to date. 

After tallying expenses for food and other costs for the Centennial Celebration, we have a surplus of $ 6,121.37 . These funds will be turned over to the Memorial Fund which maintains the church and the Memorial Garden.

Thank you to everyone who placed an order and especially to Ray Warren who did my leg work in Key West when I wasn’t here. I appreciate you all for your continued support of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
Each season, St. Paul's welcomes musicians to perform in the sanctuary, historic rectory and parish hall as part of our outreach mission to the Keys. In March, we are hosting 6 concerts for 5 different organizations.
March 5th - 7 pm , Guitar recital, with Mateo, Guitar Summit Concert Series (Parish Hall), Tickets at door

March 8th - 4 pm , Natalia Kazaryan, Piano, Impromptu (Sanctuary), Tickets

March 19th - 7 pm , An Evening of Strings, Southernmost Chamber Music Society, (Parish Hall), Tickets

March 21st - 7 pm , Enchanting Voices, Early Music Key West (Parish Hall), Tickets

March 22nd - 4 pm , The Calidore String Quartet, Impromptu (Sanctuary), Tickets

March 29 - 4 PM , Spring Concert, Keys Choral Arts,
(San ctuary), Tickets

See a calendar of all musical events this season here
Know Your History

What is the reason the sanctuary has so many cracks in the concrete? Answer

The link to the answer for the February history question wasn't working - now it is, so here it is again. What is your best guess as to the age of the very large mahogany tree in the St Paul’s Memorial Garden?
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