Smart Phone Prayer

We usually think of social media, technology and our phones as things that can distract us from prayer. But in today’s practice, we are trying to reclaim our phones as something that can be used for God. After all, anything when turned towards God can be used as an act of prayer. This is especially true of our smart devices because they inherently serve to connect us to other people.


That’s why today I want to invite you to join me in a “Smart Phone” prayer. I first learned this practice from Traci Smith’s fantastic book, Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home. This practice can be adapted based on how you use your phone. Don’t use social media apps? That’s fine! Skip that step. Use 5 different ones? Pick your favorites. Call people instead of text? Also fine; adapt however you need.


In order to do this prayer practice, begin with an opening, asking God to turn your heart toward the people in your life who need prayer. Pray that you would have eyes to see the needs of other people, even while scrolling.


After that opening prayer, I invite you to open your texting app. Look over the last five people that you texted. Then spend 5 minutes intentionally lifting up each of those people to God, thanking God for their presence in your life and praying for any needs they have. You could choose to do the same with the last five people you called. If you feel comfortable, you could even send a text letting them know you prayed for them today.


Next, open your favorite social media app. Scroll through the first five posts that you see. Then spend some intentional time with God praying for those people and those situations represented in the posts. You can repeat this step as much as you want if you have multiple social media apps you like. For instance, you could start with Facebook and then go to Instagram.


Third, open your picture app or photo reel, look over the last 5-10 photos. Where were the pictures taken? Who is in them? Pray for those people and those places. Whatever God lays on your heart.


Then, open the apps or websites where you get your news online. Scroll through the top few stories. Pray for those situations. Pray for God’s peace, compassion, justice and presence to be felt in each issue. Pray for all the people affected.


Finally, after spending this time in intentional prayer for others, close with a prayer that God would continue to give you eyes to see the needs of others while on your phone, so that you can reflect God’s love all the time, even (and maybe especially) when in digital spaces.



Thanks for praying with me,

Pastor Jennifer