St. Martin's Weekly E-Newsletter
March 19, 2020
To seek God, and be Christ’s body in the world
Preparing for Sunday

Jesus heals the blind man - John 9:1-41

REFLECT: Jesus tells the disciples that the beggar’s blindness is an opportunity to make God’s work visible, which means that all can see it who bother to look. But if affliction can be a path for God’s mercy, so too can our comfort. That starts with a recognition that we are all “totally born in sin,” and all in need of God’s mercy, which can come through the actions of our neighbors. The Pharisees remain blind to this truth, just as they remain blind to the demonstration that their assumptions have all been in error. …Jesus calls us to mercy and compassion, not rejection and isolation in comfort. He is the Light of the World, so that all of us blinded by sin to our own fallen natures may see, repent, and love God with all our hearts again — and express that through love of our neighbors rather than assume to know the mind of God in rejecting neighbors. Affliction and comfort offer us the opportunities to come together in the unity of the Holy Spirit to lift all eyes to the Lord, so that all may eventually see that beatific vision of eternal life.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, banish in us the blindness that prevents us from recognizing truth, so we may see the world through your eyes and with your compassion. Amen.
This Week's Schedule

Thursday, March 19
7:00pm Joint Vestry Meeting via Zoom Online Conferencing App

Sunday, March 22
10:00am Sunday School for all ages via Zoom with Deb Parker

Holy Eucharist Virtual Options
9:10am and 10:30am St. David Church, Wayne (click Live Stream)

Tuesday, March 24
6:30pm Yoga Class - POSTPONED until further notice

Wednesday, March 25
6:30pm Lenten Service via Zoom
7:00pm AA Meeting - POSTPONED until further notice
Lenten Outreach
Soup Ministry Continues

Even though our church services and activities have been put on hold, our ministry of providing homemade soup will continue.   Our friends at the food cupboard need us now more than ever. Please use your own best judgement about making soup on the date you had planned to make it. If someone in your house is not feeling well, please don't prepare the soup even if you think we are counting on it.

Since dropping off soup on Sunday mornings is no longer an option, e-mail Pam at to make individual arrangements. Soup is delivered early on Tuesday mornings, so all soup donations for a week should be brought to church by Monday. Soup can also be frozen and delivered the following week.

Thank you to this week's cooks Pam Faber, Jacqui North (CCI) and Abby Thomas for their delicious contributions. Stay healthy and safe and thank you for your continued support.
Sunday School
Virtual Sessions

Last week St. Martin's Sunday School did not miss a beat. Approximately 12 children and 7 adults connected via Zoom, at 10 am on March 15. We followed our regular Sunday School process of prayer, saying hello, reading from the bible, and chatting about what the bible story might mean. Then the children and parents logged off and continued at home by making their interpretation of the bible story using Legos, clay, and paper with markers. The closing for everyone at home is the five finger prayer (a children's version of Prayers of the People).

This week we will again meet at 10:00 AM via Zoom. The Zoom invitation will go to all parents of children who worship during the year at St. Martin's. However this is not limited to our children or parishes. If you would like to be included on the Zoom invitation please email Deb Parker. We had one family dial in from Florida last Sunday, so we don't have to limit our Zoom Sunday School to those in the Radnor area. The more, the better!
Lent 2020
Our Lenten series continues using Zoom. Last Wednesday Buff Barnes lead us in the prayer practice of Lectio Divina. It was a beautiful opportunity for us to gather using our computer, tablet, or phone and share an ancient prayer practice to connect with God. Renewal was the theme so participants were encouraged to set up times to continue using Lectio to pray. We need renewal more than ever in times of rapid change.

Did you miss the evening's digital gathering, but want to learn more about Lectio Divina? This Lenten Series event was recorded and will be available via YouTube. Please contact Deb Parker if you would like the link. Click here for the worksheet.

Next Wednesday we will once again use Zoom for our Lenten Series. We begin at 6:30 pm eastern time, and Deb will be on the Zoom platform starting at 6 (in case you have questions or would like to test the process.) The focus will be on "Discernment: Risk Taking." An email will go out to both the congregations with the Zoom instructions before the Zoom event. You are encouraged to forward the email to friends and family any place in the world because we do not need to limit our attendance to those in the Radnor area. Our Lenten Series is continuing for everyone who is intrigued by hearing from others about how they embrace change.
Joint Vestry News
Our Leadership

The SMC and CCI Vestries will meet jointly via Zoom on Thursday, March 19th. The new Rector candidate Meet & Greet that was scheduled for March 20th has been postponed until further notice.
Holy Week Schedule
Mark Your Calendar (subject to change)

Palm Sunday, April 5 at SMC w/Fr. Karl
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
8:30 AM Parish Breakfast
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist

Maundy Thursday, April 9 at CCI w/Fr. Karl
6:00 PM Soup Supper Potluck
7:00 PM Holy Eucharist
All Night Vigil Gethsemane Watch @ SMC (2-hour shifts from 9pm Thursday-7am Friday)

Good Friday, April 10 at SMC w/Fr. David
11:00 AM Stations of the Cross
12:00 PM Good Friday Service
7:00 PM Good Friday Service

Easter, April 12 at SMC w/Fr. David
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
11:15 AM Egg Hunt
Yoga Class
Stretch and De-stress

Due to COVID-19 health concerns, Yoga sessions have been postponed until further notice. We look forward to continuing sessions soon. For now - Stay home. Stay healthy. Be well!
The Lectionary
Sunday's Readings can be found on the Worship page at St. Martin's website .

1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 23
Ephesians 5:8-14
John 9:1-41