Journey through Lent 2019 at St. Anthony's
April 1, 2019
The two passages of Isaiah and John communicate two different but two distinct messages. One giving glimpses of renewal and growth and the other encouraging us to believe.

The Lenten season is a time of renewal and growth and when we allow ourselves to be renewed with the spirit via the graces that Lent has to offer we can see the World through new eyes and a pure soul. God speaks of the new World and the Heaven he is creating during this passage; every time we allow our spirit to be cleansed and recommit ourselves to God we enable ourselves to be closer to that vision, and hopefully live a more God-centered life. Now the question is will you believe that the world is a different place than what it was before you embarked on your Lenten journey?

In the second passage concerning Jesus traveling to Galilee, Jesus instructs the Father of a dying child, “Go…Your son will live.” In essence Jesus is telling this man to believe in order to SEE. As humans it is hard to break the habit, “seeing is believing” but this is the very thing Jesus tells the Father to do in order for his son to be healed. Often times we worry far too much about things that are not in our control and put so much negative energy into that thought. All Jesus asks from us is our faith and trust and what is meant to happen, will, and if we believe that positive things will happen, they usually will.
Next time that you encounter a time where you believe things are hopeless ask for God’s help to concentrate on the positives that can come from the situation rather than all of the negative aspects and it might help you to see life in a more positive light. 
Peace and Love, 

Jonathan "JJ" Johnson
St. Anthony Church Parishioner (becoming Catholic at the Easter Vigil)