Journey through Lent 2019 at St. Anthony's
April 2, 2019
“Do you want to be well”?

In today’s Gospel reading we find Jesus performing his third sign; the curing of a paralytic. When Jesus came across this man, knowing he’d been ill for many years, he asked him; “Do you want to be well”?  Not knowing that Jesus could cure him, he went on to explain to Jesus how he was unable to get down to the pool when the water was stirred up. Apparently the Jews believed that when the pool was “stirred up”, it could cure people.

Jesus really wanted to get to the point and asked him “Do you want to be well”?  Jesus’ life-giving word has the power to heal. The water of the pool fails to bring life; Jesus’ word does. 

We all want to be healed of our illnesses and Jesus has the power to do so. Have faith, believe that Jesus can heal and ask him to help you; heal you. Jesus will make you well in his time and according to his wisdom. 

Do you want to be well?

Mark Payne
St. Anthony Church Parishioner (usher and regular Bible Study attendee)