Journey through Lent 2018 at St. Anthony's
Tuesday of Holy Week
March 27, 2018

As I reflect on my assigned Lenten scriptural readings, my hope is to inspire those who maybe seeking "refuge"...a place for shelter.
We often go through life thinking we need to be leading; however, that is quite opposite of how Jesus would like us to live. Comfort in ourselves maybe easy, but could lead to selfishness or self-serving. What truly is hard or uneasy, but worth all the effort, is following Jesus. I feel we were put on earth to be disciples; followers of Jesus...NOT leaders for Jesus. When we start relying on ourselves, we start controlling every aspect of our life. If we can start allowing ourselves to let Jesus guide us, it will help us to see the beauty of His Blessings (don't ever feel ashamed turning your eyes towards Heaven and whispering...Help me Lord).
Jesus promises His followers protection from evil and danger. Having assurance from the Lord that He will watch over us and keep us protected, is an assurance that we, ourselves, cannot assure. His promises don't keep bad things from happening; but through His promise of protection, He will get us through it. This is where the challenge comes in for us. Ask yourself: are you willing to allow Jesus to guide your life filled with His promises; Or do you want to rely on your own promises?
This Lent season challenge yourself. Step out of a comfort zone and seek refuge in Christ. Try something you may have said you wished you could do, but because of human fear, you passed it up. Put trust in the One who said He would guide you through it...shelter you (give refuge). Failure is really succeeding. If we don't fail, then we don't learn to rely on Christ to show us a better way. I suggest listening to the song "On Eagle's Wings."  
A motto I feel worth repeating: Everything WORTH doing, does not come easy.
God's Blessings upon those who have taken the time to read these Lenten Reflections and use them to start or continue your personal relationship and journey with Jesus.
Sue Alberts
St. Anthony Parishioner (and Catechist for 2nd graders receiving first Holy Communion)