Journey through Lent 2019 at St. Anthony's
March 26, 2019
Hello, I am Ellen Jardine, I am a freshman at Assumption High school. I have been catholic all my life, and have been attending catholic school since pre-school.

In Daniel 3: 25, 34-43
These verses from Daniel are pulled from the story the Fiery Furnace . We’re King
Nebuchadnezzar had a statue that everyone is supposed to worship. If they refused to worship the statue they were thrown in the blazing furnace. The king finds out three Jews Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not worship the the statue. The king gave them a second chance to worship it before throwing them in the furnace. They did take the second chance denounce their religion. So they were thrown into the blazing furnace. Then the king and his people saw a fourth person in the fire with them described as the son of gods. Abednego stood amongst the fire and began to pray.

Reflection: I understand that they had two choices the easy way out or the hard way out also known as God’s way out. The easy way is the way we want to take in life. The hard way in life is the way God wants you to take. It's your choice on what way you take, but to get closer to God is the hard way.

Now to the prayer Abednego says and want I reflected on what it means.
Don't give up the mission, and keep your promises with the lord. Even though the mission may be tough. Don't take away your mercy. To our children that they have a lot of children. We are brought down to a low because of ours sins. We don't have any sacrifice to give you with a humble spirit receive us. Let our sacrifice be in favor before you and have your trust. We follow you with our whole heart. We fear you and seek your face. Do not shame us and gives us your great mercy. Deliver us with your wonders and bring glory to your name. Their asking God not to abandon them though God would never leave us.

Matthew 18:21-35
This passage is about forgiving others as they have forgiven you. No matter how many people may cross you, you should forgive them anyway and they should forgive you just the same.

Ellen Jardine
St. Anthony Church Parishioner (and High School Youth Group, Altar Server, Art & Environment Committee)