Journey through Lent 2019 at St. Anthony's
March 27, 2019
Both of today’s readings from Deuteronomy 4:1, 5-9, and Matthew 5:17-19, stress the importance of observing, modeling, teaching, and living out the Commandments. “God has provided us with the statutes and judgments in which we are to observe.” Each reading expresses the importance of modeling these statutes and teaching them in our lives so that others around us are able to recognize their goodness. “…whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” In all facets of our lives it’s one's duty and responsibility to model through living out the Commandments. There are endless opportunities for one to do so on a daily basis, in one’s community, work place, and with our own families.

Reflecting on these readings has allowed to me to become more purposeful in my approach in living out the Commandments. In the community and workplace, I try to model all the statutes through my words and interactions with those I encounter.
As a father I realize how important a responsibility it is to teach these to my own children. These readings remind me of how vital of a task that is. Modeling with my behavior for those in my life is something I strive to do every day. Today’s readings motivate me to continue to improve myself, to be a better person for those around me, so that they too are able to recognize the goodness that comes along with it.

Dan Logan
St. Anthony Church Parishioner (and member of the Building and Grounds Committee)