Journey through Lent 2019 at St. Anthony's
March 11, 2019

In Leviticus, we are given rather clear laws about our relationships with our neighbor. Who is our neighbor? Our neighbor is anyone we see or come in contact with as we go about our daily lives. A neighbor is one who looks after another in the same way he would look after himself. We are to love our neighbor. God is in all of us and how we treat our neighbor is how we treat God.

I do not know what it is to have no home, food, clothing, or care. . . But I do know I would want to have respect and kindness if I had these needs. Everyone is going through something. There are many ways to be hungry or sick. Jesus is there - in the poor, the sick and the imprisoned. Every day we have the opportunity to slow down enough to notice, to offer the gift of presence, of sitting with, and listening to our neighbor.

Our ministries at St. Anthony offer us many opportunities to help others. We welcome, serve, listen, comfort, visit, and feed. This enables us to grow in our faith. God notices what we do and what we do not do. We serve others so we can serve Him. We do the best we can; we leave the rest to Him.

Liz Lazio
St. Anthony Parishioner (Usher and Minister of Holy Communion)