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Lenten meditation for April 3, 2021
Finding Hope on the last day of Lent, the third day of the Triduum
Where are you in your heart and mind, right now, as you read a message for Holy Saturday?
Are you numb, with the horror of Good Friday still in your heart and mind?
Are you challenged realizing the disciples were ordinary folks just like you? 
They had vowed to stay with Jesus despite every challenges and then ran away when the police came for him. 
But can you see hope with all the followers of Jesus everywhere in the world? 
We are all waiting in hope and with hope for the resurrection news soon to come? From twelve chosen followers the number soon became hundreds then thousands then millions to the estimated 2.2 billion today.                     
Can you live in hope that each one will obey his two commands from Maundy Thursday? 
He asks you to do to others what he did for you; to minister to others, as you are able. And he asks you “to love one another as he loves you.” 

I look in hope that we will indeed all minister to those in any need and we will love one another. 
When I read stories of service and love, I find hope. 
A baby recently born weighing just 15 ounces is now over 3 lb. The mother is lavishing love on her little son. The medics are ministering to him in all the ways they can. 
A church member visits a needy member every week, helping with cleaning, taking the laundry, showing love and service,

On this Holy Saturday offer to God your service ministry and your love and then be prepared to keep serving and loving, for always.