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Lenten meditation for February 24, 2021
As I sit to write about hope I am reminded that many of us are praying for hope.
A hope that a cure will come whether it is for COVID, or heart disease, or any number of illnesses or injuries we are plagued by.
Hope is - I am looking for a better day than today;
I am taking one day at time. I have found that a small prayer helps.

Say it:
“I pray for your grace to enter my life one day at a time.”

In this time of COVID we now must accept the new normal.
I am making meals I have never made before, because I like going out to eat, so I don’t have to cook. My mother taught me how to cook Italian style back in the 1970’s. So, I resurrected her cooking style.
I made chicken and potatoes with carrots 2 weeks ago and it was incredible and generated a lot of hope for more of the same.
I taught my daughter to make an old fashion lasagna (the way mother did it). It was better than the readymade version.
Making meals give me unbridle hope for the future.

Say it,
“I pray for your grace to enter my life one day at a time.”