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Lenten meditation for February 27, 2021

Picture this;
sitting on the backboard of my bed, right next to my computer table (where I spend WAY too much time sitting to perform whatever creative work I can manage in the middle of a pandemic) I have an almost-dead dracaena trifasciata or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant.

A usually hardy plant, that along with a number of others, lived outside during the summer. Unfortunately, they got zapped by a 28-degree cold snap in the Fall. I now need to rehab as best I can those that are hanging on despite the severe damage they have suffered.
I see this plant every day -- and don’t see it.
I now see I need to prune it severely. And I see I won’t be alone in my efforts to help it. There are little buggy creatures in the dirt, playing their part in Nature’s Wellness Program.

Thank heavens.

I think it’s the Light that really helps, either from my extra lamp near the computer table or the varying degrees of natural light entering when the curtains are open, or both.

The Light that lets plants grow gives me hope that this plant will be able to recover its life.

Another of God’s little Miracles for us to witness and learn from.