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Lenten meditation for March 13 , 2021
Finding Hope.
This is a call to action. 
The key word is “finding”.
In order to find, you must search. 
And I’m not talking about searching on Google, or On-Demand.
I’m talking about looking in your life. And your heart. And LOOKING for signs of hope.
Often looking with a side eye, not full on.
Is it a young person, just starting out, so full of life and … hope?
Is it YOU, no matter your age, getting up every morning, doing what needs to be done?
Is it the way that God sends you what you need, when you need it … if you can only be open to it?
Hope is probably not going to jump up in your lap and slap you in the face.
You have to FIND Hope. Be open to Hope. Be open to God. 
Oh yeah. When you find your Hope, the next thing you have to do is pass it on.
Shine your light. Shine your light of Hope on everyone in your path.
Finding Hope and passing it on. 
Shining your light because we need a lot of light.
It’s up to you and me – who else?