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Lenten meditation for March 15, 2021
“But I will hope continually, and will praise you yet more and more.”
    ~ Psalm 71:14 (NRSV) ~
This day will not come again.  
The soaring flock of swallows sketched across an evening sky—
  loosely lovely in their swirls—have finally gone home.
The industrious hen, black-and-white, feathers smooth, has returned
  to her roost. And now it is night.
A day’s meals have been consumed; all the shades are drawn.
Minor moments, and small celebrations with dessert or wine,
  have flourished; and are finished now.
Kindnesses, extended and received. Angers ignited, perhaps resolved.
And so a day, another day, has passed.
In sorrow or in suffering, in gratitude or grace—this day is gone forever.
And all who live have lived their day until it was no more.
Given to each and all, an interval—a time of hallowing,
a time of borrowing—from the natural world.
And so it is our world prepares for one more day—
  that cannot come again.