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Lenten meditation for March 24, 2021

We hear these statements everyday:  
“I hope everything turns out okay for you,”
“I hope things turn out for the best,”
and “I hope I they hire me for that job I want (or need or whatever else any individual yearns for in his/her/their heart).  
For me, hope is the “spark” that lights the fire of a paradigm shift in one’s way of thinking and feeling about the events and situations that we encounter in reality everyday. In our modern world, life is intensely complex.  
We are bombarded with negativity in the forms of our TV and radio news, social media such as Facebook that is replete with “fake news”, as well as interacting with others who have views and beliefs that are diametrically opposite of our own.  And we still have to deal with paying our bills, trying to stay healthy, and somehow deal with the unexpected tragedies that life throws in our journey.
Many times, I feel like Job in the Old Testament when I encounter one set of bad news after the next. How do we find hope in a world that at times seems hopeless? For me, I find hope in God through faith.
Faith that my life really does have a purpose.  
Faith that God is with me at all times and is guiding me on this journey called “life.”
Faith in a world and a world-view that the good news of Jesus Christ will prevail through all of the chaos and dysfunction we encounter.  And through my faith, I experience God’s grace, which provides me with peace of mind and serenity.  
May your faith help your to find the peace and serenity that God provides.