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Lenten meditation for March 25, 2021

A dark winter of waiting.
Facetime and Zoom calls if you’re lucky.
Some don’t have technology or don’t know how to use it.
Time outdoors spent waiting in ever longer food lines (or giving food out); driving home past favorite businesses that didn’t survive the last wave.
Loved ones that passed with no opportunity to say goodbye.
Breaks for hospital staff that only mean time to cry in the staff lounge where the patients can’t see.
Hoping the next reopening won’t result in another surge.
Vaccines arrive but may be hard to get.
Some people simply refuse. Others still believe it’s all a hoax.
Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, parents for school reopening, or just reopen everything - it’s all too much.

The sun doesn’t just pop up in the sky, it rises slowly.
The first furtive glimpses of light give way to hope of a new day that grows ever brighter as the sun continues to ascend; its brilliant rays parting the darkness and bathing the earth in magnificent light.

This is the Kingdom of God in all its glory.
It is the hope of things yet unseen; there for us to bask in each and every day and find our peace.