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Lenten meditation for March 3, 2021
Thinking about the difficulties we are having now, brings me to back to the stories that my parents would tell me when I was a child. They lived through the great depression and they were each 1 of 13 children, but they never went without food. Their parents ensured that a 100-pound bag of flour each fed 15 people a week. 
The habits of this time lasted them a lifetime. 

My parents taught us to survive and be happy with little, and in doing so they gave us hope and instilled hope within us. 
As parents, we need provide hope to our children and instill hope during times of difficulty. Both of my parents, if alive today would be more than 100 years old.
We have an opportunity here to instill hope in our children, and if we do so, they will take these lessons learned into the next 100 years by teaching their children and grandchildren.
Some of my favorite dishes were born during the depression: Escarole & beans, pasta fagioli, peas and eggs, eggs in tomato sauce with toast, & homemade pasta with gravy.
We never had food insecurity, because of the lessons we learned from our parents. We should emulate this and to help make the next generation strong. 

Hold your head up high.
Jesus is with all of us.
It is time to instill lessons in our children & grandchildren.