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Lenten meditation for March 31, 2021
Made in God's image
A friend reminded me of what this means recently.
Kevin was born with cerebral palsy and has grown into a strong disability rights advocate.
He recently started a blog to share his unique view. I subscribed because I knew he could teach me some of what it means to be challenged, humility in my own advocacy and guidance in the best way to support the disability community. 
What I didn’t expect was to be gifted with such a strong faith witness.

Kevin writes …

 I never thought when I started this website I would be discussing topics like these. I was going to focus strictly on disability policy.
Sometimes you can't deny when someone or something is working through you.
It took me a long time to learn that I was made on purpose for a specific purpose.
It's true there are hard days.
But if I didn't have this disability I would not be able to write these words on this blog or share my perspective, therefore could not have shared it with you.
I have come to the consensus that without my disability I would not be as humble and as patient as I am, disability makes you see the world differently, I have strengths that I can't even put into words other than just say it truly is God's grace.
I pray these words touch you and help you in whatever way you need.
I thank God for creating you and for all the gifts he has bestowed upon you as well.