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Lenten meditation for March 4 , 2021
We sold our home right before pandemic lockdown and lived in our log cabin “get away” in West Milford, NJ while looking for a house. We found a house and sold the “get away” home and as a result had too much furniture and placed some Facebook for free.

I received a message from “Sharon” (fictitious name) who said she wanted the captains’ bed and dresser chest and would I please hold it for her while she found someone to help her pick up the furniture. I told Sharon I would hold it until 6:00 PM.
She called at 6:00 PM and said she would be at my home by 8:00 PM, and in that phone call I could feel how much she wanted the furniture.
Sharon arrived at 9:00 PM with an older style minivan with the sliding doors on the side, it was very dark outside.
Sharon is not a young woman and stood only about 5’3” and her male helper not much bigger; they had come from Newark and had a hard time navigating the wooded areas of West Milford.
Sharon was so excited to see that the furniture was in good condition as she was taking it to help people in her community who needed furniture, that’s what Sharon does.
We did not think that the pieces could possibly fit in her van, but Sharon was so happy and full of perseverance that we managed to get the captain’s bed, mattress, dresser, and bedding into the van.

Sharon was filled with joy because she could help people in need, I do not ever want to forget Sharon.