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February 25, 2021
In-person Sunday worship is back!
We will welcome up to 30 people for our 9:00am Sunday worship service! At this time, no pre-registration is required but, masks, health self-certification, and physical distancing are still required. Please arrive for worship by 8:55 am. Also, Stuff You Missed in Sunday School (adult education) will begin at 10:15 am. Group size is based on space needs for social distancing.  

Wednesdays in Lent
We will remain on Zoom, as our normal participation is larger than current mitigation levels.
Real questions from real people to learn more about faith
Does God ever not know the answer? (from a confirmation student)
In the Old Testament especially, God responds to his people's prayers and actions which would suggest that God is flexible and dynamic, which is what we would expect because God is LIVING!  On the other hand, there is only one answer ultimately, to anything with which we life, resurrection any time something dies.
Pastor Trudy's Message
Most of us would like to understand more about why things our lives and in the world. We instinctively look for explanations. Sometimes there just isn't one, certainly not one that satisfies. So what do we do with our whys? Jesus longs to just gather us all up to let us know he's got us...will we be able to accept letting go of knowing everything to live under his wings?  

Mighty God, we want answers, and you give us One. Help us to live into the freedom of not knowing everything. In Jesus' name, Amen.
February 28 worship:
Worship Materials: Worship Folder & God's Story, Our Story
Children's Bulletins: Ages 3+ & Ages 7+

After worship:
10:15 am Stuff You Missed in Sunday School, Adult Education
Meets in Fellowship Hall. Questions: Merla Billquist or Jane Perkolup
Come to Miss Christy's pre-recorded Sunday School lesson this weekend on YouTube or watch whenever and wherever works for you and your child!
Lent 2021
Lessons I Don't Want to Forget
Opportunities for Worship and Connection

Pandemic Lessons from Jesus
Sundays Live @ 9 am on YouTube

Lessons from the GLC Community
set within Holden Evening Prayer
Worship Folder (only need to print once)
Wednesdays @ 7 pm on Zoom
through March 24

Stirring up Memories with Soup
Sundays on Facebook/YouTube

Pulling It All Together
Discussion group -- all are welcome!
Thursdays @ 7 pm on Zoom
February 25-March 25
Weekly Bible Study on ZOOM
Thursday, February 25 @ 9:30 am
We're discussing the Gospel of Luke. All are welcome! Contact Pastor Trudy or Vicar Amber

High School Youth Group
Hiking at Dick Young Forest Preserve
Sunday, March 14 @ 4:30 pm
Contact Julie Slifka
In April (Date TBA): Wednesday Worship for those 65 and older. We will begin offering services for those 65 and older on two Wednesdays each month. This gives time for more of our seniors to be vaccinated and (hopefully) for the weather to get nicer! Watch here for more information!
PDO Registration 2021-22 Opens March 1
PDO offers a loving environment for children ages 2-5 to play, learn and grow while providing parents 3+ hours to use as they like! The multi-aged classrooms provide opportunities for children to learn how to follow instructions, to share, to take turns, to cooperate, and to be more responsible. The staff specializes in helping those children with separation anxiety feel more comfortable. And, potty training is not required!

Registration opens online Monday, March 1. Currently enrolled PDO families and GLC members will be given priority registration. Class schedule and registration information
St. Andrew Distribution
Donations Needed
GLC will support the St. Andrew distribution on Saturday, March 6, by collecting bar soap, toothpaste, and deodorant. Donations can be dropped off at GLC during the week Monday, March 1 - Friday, March 5, 9 am-3 pm. Cash donations will be used to offset the cost of purchasing 350 bags and/or bricks of cheese for this distribution.
Thank you for your continued generosity! Contact Julie Slifka for more information.
We Lift up in Prayer
  • The family of Bill Rosenfelder
  • Gratitude for vaccine availability
  • Growing our relationship with God during Lent
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • Those in really hard places who are struggling with transitions and/or health issues.
  • For people who are separated from family
  • All those with COVID-19
  • Front line workers
  • Teachers, students, and families
  • Pastors
  • For patience and understanding during vaccine distribution.
Please email Amy Steenson or call (630) 232-0165 if you would like to add a name to the prayer list. Submitted names will remain on the prayer list for two weeks.
GLC Prayer Chain
This is a confidential telephone network ministry that intercedes on behalf of those in need by lifting up specific requests, concerns, and emergency situations. To request prayer, please call Sally Harmon (630) 377-0021.
Notes from the GLC Community
Dear friends, COVID has been hard on all of us. Holidays, birthdays and special happenings are no longer family times together. Technology has allowed us to witness some of these events though. Today we watched 2 of our beloved grandsons make their first communion—thank you. It is obvious that their lessons were meaningful and you made it very special with hands on experiences. Using video to share those moments with the congregation was lovely.
Kathy Fiscus (Quinn Showalter's mom)
THANK YOU so much for thinking of Ethan and sending the beautiful prayer shawl. It meant so much to us and love wrapping him up on these cold, snowy days. We look forward to the day that he gets to meet our church family and for all the memories that will be made @ GLC in the years to come!
Michael, Jen, Quinn & Ethan Hess
GLC Life in Pictures
SOUP SUPPER WEDNESDAY! The Slicers and the Kabelas were just a few of the GLC families that received special delivery soup!
YOUTUBE CREW gathered for training led by Faith Sax. These are the folks who make it possible for us to livestream our services! #generouslifeinChrist
THE 75 BLANKETS made by our confirmation students were blessed during last Sunday's service before being delivered to the residents at Marklund. #generouslifeinChrist
Send your pictures of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist to Margo. Thank you!