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Issue No. 85
July 2014
In this issue:
-Member Profile: Leo Grutters
-FTIP: Where Do You Want To Go?
-Reunion Gala in Paris!
-Got News?
Refer a Colleague To The 
An organization is only as strong and diverse as its members.  Do you have any colleagues with expertise in the fields of law, arbitration, construction, engineering, surveying or energy that would be an asset to our membership?  Or perhaps someone who wants to learn more about Dispute Boards?   Tell them about the DBF:

Programmes & Courses

The Dispute Board Federation is getting ready to open registration for the Autumn 2014 session of its highly successful FTIP programme: "FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Training Programme" 
Participation in this intensive programme is extremely limited

Click here to read the brochure and application.
If you're interested in attending, vote for your location preference in our  FTIP Location Poll  or contact Lori Fusello for more information. 
The Corniche, Doha
The Corniche, Doha
Time is running out to register for the DBF's Autumn session Intensive Training and Decision Writing Programmes.  These structured & specialised programmes are being held 8-11 September 2014 in
Doha, Qatar.
For comments about this programme by participants, click here. 
Download a program brochure for more information on course content,  or  contact Lori Fusello. with your questions.


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See what others are saying about the DBF's Intensive Training Programmestestimonials

"The  Intensive Training Programme  greatly expanded my knowledge. It was very well organized and  prepared, with a high level of professional presentation thanks to Dr. Chern, Leo Grutters and Ben Beaumont. I strongly recommend this  course."


Zdenek Jurik 
ABC Engineering P.E.
Prague,  Czech Republic  

"I attended the DAB Intensive Training in Dublin-Ireland, April 7-9, 2014. My compliments to the great team of trainers, and to everybody who participated in the organization of the training!  

As an employee of a construction company, I gained valuable knowledge that every Contractor needs to know when it comes to disputes and DAB decisions in large construction projects.  

The trainers shared with us not only their huge knowledge and experience regarding DAB matters, but we were also able to learn more about very important related issues of claims and contract management. I am grateful for having a privilege to participate."


Sead Dizdarevic
Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina 


Upcoming Events


  • 8-11 September 2014, Doha, Qatar, Dispute Board Intensive Training Programme & Decision Writing Programme
  • Coming Autumn 2014, FTIP: FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme



Member Profile: Leo Grutters
Leo Grutters, FDBF, Civil Engineer and a Dispute Resolution Expert

This month's spotlight is on Fellow member Leo Grutters.  Leo specialises in Civil Engineering and Dispute Resolution, with his career spanning 30 successful years to date.


Starting his career in Johannesburg, South Africa, he embarked on a path that took him all over the globe championing DAB's from offshore oil platforms in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, to Hydro Power Plants in China, Africa and India and most recently the Renewable Energy off-shore industry; fast becoming DAB's newest developing sector. Leo feels fortunate to be involved in this latter emerging market and has become an expert in his field.  The Dispute Board Federation is also pleased to have Mr. Grutters as one of its most experienced instructors in its FTIP programme. Read more about his journey here.



Doha or Hong Kong? Help Choose the Destination for Fall's next FTIP Programme
Where would you like to go?

The Dispute Board Federation is getting ready to open registration for the Autumn 2014 session of its highly successful "FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Training Programme" (FTIP)  and we need your input.


If you have an interest in attending this programme, we thought you might like to help choose its location: Doha, Qatar or Hong Kong?  We'll count the votes and post results in the next newsletter!


Cast your vote here for the next FTIP location


Hong Kong Nightlife
Hong Kong
Colourful, vibrant and dynamic, enjoy the iconic attractions in this leading international financial centre.  Notable attractions include Victoria Harbour and Victoria Peak, which offers expansive views of the city and its harbours.
The Capital of Qatar is a blend of luxury resorts, gorgeous spaces and stunning architecture - the city of the future in the making. 




Past FTIP Members, Get Ready For Our Reunion Gala!


Invitations will soon be going out for members who have successfully completed the FTIP Programme in the past to join in our reunion gala.


This is an opportune time to sip champagne as you network with colleagues and fellow members from all parts of the globe.  The gala is tentatively set to be held in Paris "La Ville Lumiļæ½re", so stay tuned for details...


Have Some News For Our Members?

Would you like to highlight any news or events going on in your organization?  We would love to share what's happening with our members.  Please contact our new publications manager Lori Fusello at l.fusello@dbfederation.org with your news!


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