Giving Blood: North American Conference on Biblical Preaching

Presented by the Second Billion

January 14-16, 2009 | Houston

Elmer Towns Walter Kaiser Dottie Escobedo-Frank
Paul Walker Kenneth C. Ulmer Leonard Sweet
MargaretFeinberg Ademola Ishola David Sobrepena
James O. Davis Kay Arthur Steve Riggle
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A Billion Soul™ Initiative Conference

Leonard Sweet

Dear Visionary Leader

Greetings from the One Who Is, the One Who Was, and the One Who Is To Come!

As I study the world scene, I grow increasingly convinced of the global forces that will have significant impact in the years ahead. Ministry is the most demanding, and the impact of the culture upon our lives is growing. To penetrate and transform culture, we must master the message!

Decades ago, just before actress/singer Judy Garland would take center stage, she would look at her producer and say, “Time to give blood!” In other words, it was time for her to give not just her very best performance possible, but to give of her soul and spirit as well. In this context I suggest that it is time for preachers to rediscover the source of our life, the source of our salvation, and to release and let flow the “Power in the Blood.” Besides, if Jesus gave His blood to redeem our lives, why aren’t we giving blood?

During this Holiday Season I am reminded of the revelation of our redemption recorded in Scripture. In Genesis, redemption required one lamb per person. In Exodus the requirement was one lamb per family as they left Egypt. Once they entered into the Promised Land, each year one lamb was sacrificed for the entire nation. Yet, in the New Testament, John the Baptist said, “Here comes the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Did you see the progression? Our Heavenly Father began with the person, the family, the nation and then the World! Giving Blood means that we do our very best every time we open the Word of God before our audience or congregation.

Be sure to join us for the North American Conference On Biblical Preaching on 14-16 January 2009, in Houston, Texas. At this power-packed summit, each of our presenters have chosen to come to add value to every pastor and preacher who joins us. We have limited the seating to only 750. It is first-come, first-serve.

As a result of our time together, you will be able to maximize the quality of your preaching, minimize the time it takes to prepare your message, and multiply your results. My prayer is that after this conference you will be able to start a “blood drive” with people coming to Christ each Sunday.

You will hear about methods and messages from:

  • Kenneth C. UlmerMaking The Message Memorable
  • Kay ArthurHow To Study And Teach The Whole Bible
  • Paul WalkerHow To Develop Dynamic Preaching Series
  • Ademola IsholaHow To Connect The Text With The Times
  • Walter KaiserThe Sixty Six Books Of The Bible
  • Elmer TownsHow To Preach With Faith
  • Margaret FeinbergThe Art Of Storytelling
  • David SobrepenaHow To Develop And Deliver Effective Invitations
  • Steve RiggleHow To Stay Current With The Changing Culture
  • Dottie Escobedo FrankHow To Present The Word As Worship
  • James O. DavisFive Most Important Laws Of Communication

I can hardly wait to see you there! My topics include, “The Four Blood Types For Preaching Effectiveness” and “How To Start A Blood Drive” by altering our altars to reach a Google generation.

Join us by signing up at The last time our Billion Soul team came to Houston in March this year, pastors said it was one of the best summits that they had ever been part of. I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do next month.

Time to Give Blood,
Leonard Sweet
Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet, James O. Davis and Kenneth C. Ulmer

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