November 5, 2015
Contact: Caitlin Chelette
Public Information Assistant
Les Comeaux Named November Business Owner of the Month
LEESVILLE, La.-- The City of Leesville is pleased to announce Les Comeaux as the November Business Owner of the month. Comeaux not only owns Eyecatcher Signs, but is also a  pastor and artist who grew up in Leesville. Though he moved away during his college years and early adulthood, his attachment to Vernon Parish brought him home to the country lifestyle and southern hospitality.

Eyecatcher Signs, an advertising and sign-making business located at 200 Concord Ave, specializes in banners, magnetics, and more, including commercial lettering. Comeaux's passion for his community leads him to encourage others to find what drives them and focus on it. He makes it his mission to invest in his neighbors (Leesville).

"If you know you would be doing something if you had the time to do it, why aren't you doing it anyway?" he asks. Comeaux believes that all people have a talent, gift, and skill that can be used to benefit other people and the surrounding community. He helps people find that talent and focus it. Once they discover what that talent is it can be used to do so much for the community.

Many people also think of Comeaux when they see the mural on the underpass on 171 South. The train, film strip, horses, and mountains were all the creation of Comeaux and many volunteers. The whole idea came about as he was driving to work one day. He believed that there was so much more that he could do for his community and his neighbors. He passed a house and wanted to help the residents paint it. He passed a tree that was about to fall into the road. Finally he got to the underpass and the lightbulb went off in his brain.

Leesville is a melting pot of people. The train, alligator, and fleur de lis all represent Louisiana, but Leesville is so much more than Louisiana, he said. People always ask why are there mountains in the mural, when this part of Louisiana is anything but mountainous? And the answer is in the soldiers and the families stationed at Fort Polk. The entire design of the mural represents the vast variety of the people of Leesville, because the City, and its relationship with Fort Polk, is so much more than just Louisiana culture. The City of Leesville is the people that make it up.

Next spring Comeaux and more volunteers will continue on another phase of the current mural project with the hope of painting the underpass on 171 North as well.

Comeaux is also the pastor at First Baptist Church of New Llano. As part of his job as pastor, he is also the president of the Leesville Area Ministerial Alliance (LAMA). Comeaux and his wife, Debi, also own Haven Ministries in Anacoco, La., a retreat facility that focuses on relaxation and helping people find the joy they once had. Guests can stay in cabins, lodges, ride horseback, fish, and so much more. Haven also has summer camps for kids.

The City of Leesville, the best hometown in the world, is a historic yet visionary community. As the parish seat of Vernon Parish, where Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center are located, the City of Leesville is home to military families, retired veterans and a growing and strongly patriotic citizenry that provides the basis of a well-rounded and work-ready workforce.   
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