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January 2019
Less stressful and more profitable way to manage your retirement savings

Even after 20 to 30 years of being invested in the market, many investors  believe that "one day" the stock market would make them rich, if they just hang in there long enough...
I ask, "What is wrong with this picture?"

There is a more profitable way to approach the stock market. It is a  proven retirement investment strategy which has been used over the last 30 years by millions of investors. Approximately 15 of the largest banks on Wall Street and over 50 of the largest legal reserve companies  also employ this strategy.  And its  available to you, too ...
Stock Market Jitters
A note from the Accounting Professor:

"I'm concerned about this market," a client remarked.

We had some reassuring words to offer: "You are not invested in the market, which consists of good, bad, and downright ugly stocks. Instead, you own stocks of arguably the world's most profitable companies."

For example, this client owns Microsoft stock...
In This Issue
Maximize Social Security

"When should I elect Social Security?"
You many not realize it yet, but when you elect Social Security is one of the most important decisions you'll make in retirement.

It will impact:
  • Amount of benefits received
  • Amount of taxes owed
  • How other assets are utilized.
Learn more about Social Security and see what you have to gain (or lose).

Contact our office for the following seminars:

Haggard Library - Feb 12th

Allen Library - Mar 12th

Davis Library - Apr 9th
Stretching the Tax Benefits of Annuities

One of the biggest advantages of an annuity, tax deferral, can be lost when anyone other than a spouse inherits an annuity. Then, all deferred taxes on the gains must be paid sooner or later. It's usually better to pay them later rather than sooner-and there are different ways to do that.
Easy New Year's Resolutions for Your Retirement  - Ed Slott Report

Steps you can take today to improve your savings for retirement in the future. 
  • Investment Strategy
  • Saving Strategy
  • Beneficiary Issues
Let's get started!
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