Will you join us, this Saturday morning, 
for the communal clear up? 
We will meet again at 10 am, at pub car park.
Jobs to be done include cutting back the ivy at this lovely stile.  We will take a break to join the party at the community centre at 1130 to cheer on the children who created the fantastic exhibition in the centre. See more below.

Will you join us, this Saturday morning? 
We will meet again at 10 am, at pub car park

Anti-Litter Poster Competition
The walls of the Community Centre are covered in posters made by children in the St Francis's school. Four prize winners have been selected and you are invited to see all the entries and the award ceremony tomorrow at 11.30 am.

 We will take a break to go to the launch of the children's poster exhibition and prize giving in the community centre at 11.30

Will you join us, this  Saturday morning? 
We will meet 10 am pub car park

Cheery despite the Rain

The Beach Clean Up last Saturday was a huge success with more numbers than ever turning up. It was heartening to note this year we had loads of parents mucking in as well. Despite the miserable weather, great work was done by all and Michael Carey, Chairman says that the beach still remains spotless. So, we will be back at it again this coming Saturday morning May 14th, at 10 am, meeting at the pub car park. We will take a break to go to the launch of the children's poster exhibition and prize giving in the community centre at 11.30


Some young volunteers last Saturday. 
Will you join us, this  Saturday morning? 
We will meet 10 am pub car park
Less Bread, More Pudding

Next week is Waste Reduction Week and here in Newcastle we will be doing our best to reduce waste.
Preventing waste saves on disposal and prevention is good for the environment and also good for our pockets. 

We are asking you to focus on some of the top most wasted (and wanted) food items. Paul, our local shopkeeper, says he always runs out of milk and bread (when it rains).
So, what can we do to save and use up old bread? How can you stop the need for the dreaded sniff of the milk? Can you avoid mouldy bread in bin?
In conjunction with North Wicklow Country Market, we are running a competition to come up with the best bread OR milk saving ideas. 
Further afield in Greystones there are many events during the week to help us get thinking of waste prevention (see below).
Here in Newcastle we are focusing on reducing food waste. One local enthusiast told me of her method. She has what she calls a "Fridge Friday". She uses whatever needs to be used in the fridge every Friday before going shopping on Saturday. If she doesn't use up all of her "use by" items  from her (modest) fridge by Friday, she says she has a sure fire method of making sure it's done before the following Friday. What is that, I ask? Well, she says, she doesn't shop at all for another week, and she never starves. She says that her combinations are sometimes bizarre, but that it is a good feeling to have an empty fridge before adding any more stuff to it. 

That is one top tip. what will be yours?

To win, you have to either come up with the longest (and best) list of bread or milk saving ideas,
or the best and most original bread saving or using tip.

To enter, go to North Wicklow Country markets  FACEBOOK page. Details will be available tomorrow, May 14 or drop your best ideas on paper at the Market on Saturday May 21st.  The winner will be announced the following Saturday, May 28th, at the Market and the prize is a food hamper of local produce. 
What could be better than that?
Waste Reduction Week
 13th to 23rd of May
In partnership with Wicklow County Council, Greystones Tidy Towns are running a number of waste prevention events over the next week. There will be a talk on preventing waste at the library, a Treasure trail for the kids and a Facebook competition all taking up the waste prevention theme. 

On Thursday the 19th of May at 7.30pm there will be a talk entitled "Getting on track to prevent waste before new pay by weight bin charges are introduced this July" at Greystones Library. 

Jim Callery of Wicklow County Council will talk about the how the new pay by weight charges will impact on how we manage our waste and how a focus on prevention will help us to produce less waste and lower our costs. 

Throughout the week between the 13th and 23rd of May there will be a treasure trail operating throughout the town centre for kids between the ages of 11 and 13. 

With the support of local businesses a series of clues will allow the kids to find the participating business to collect waste prevention tips. 

There will be a prize for anyone who collects all nine tips. 

Entry forms are available from the library and completed entry forms must be returned by the 23rd of May. 

The Facebook competition is open to all in Greystones and further afield between the 13th and 23rd of May. You can enter the competition by posting a tip on the Greystones Facebook page under the competition post. 

All unique tips posted by members of the public will be entered in a draw with a €100 voucher for Supervalu sponsored by Wicklow County Council the prize for the lucky winner. 
Check out Greystones Tidy Towns Facebook page and get thinking of a tip to share.

May 13, 2016 
In This Issue
 of Posters & Prize Giving Tomorrow
Saturday May 14th, 
at 11.30am in Community Centre 
There will be an exhibition of the art posters done by children in St Francis's School tomorrow with the awarding of four prizes at 1130am
All are welcome 

Every Sat 10.30-12.30
The coffee pot is ready and the kettle on the boil and the tables full of fresh homemade brown bread, vegetables, soups and much more.

Come, chat, have a cuppa, browse. We would love to catch up with everyone.

Car boot Sale
N ewcastle Community Centre
10am - 3pm
Gates open for sellers at 9am.  Cars: €10 Vans:€15
Contact: 086 060 6511 / 087 695 6096
to reserve your place.
Hitching a Ride?

A new initiative will be launched shortly where Newcastle residents can arrange car sharing  in an overall effort to reduce traffic pollution, safe money, reduce stress and increase connectivity.  We will be doing this through CAR SHARING .ie and if you are interested, read about it on the website and let us know if you want to join.