December 30, 2018

Baby Marmoset needs a name!
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet" ~ William Shakespeare. 

Our Baby Marmoset will still be sweet regardless of her name -- will you help us chose a name for the baby?

A New Year is all about making a fresh start. After a rocky start in life, Baby Marmoset is loving  her new home at Jungle Friends!

However, she is ready for a fresh start in 2019 and a name...with your help!

Marmosets live in a matriarchal  society and the mothers commonly give birth to twins. Dad is often the main caregiver of the babies and stays loyal to the family -- no "dead beat dads" here!  The youngsters in the troop also help with the care of the babies. Marmosets are monogamous and Dad will not leave the family, even when tempted by another sexy marmoset. 

You can understand why it was so detrimental to steal this baby away from her mother and father! Not only difficult for baby, but difficult for mom and dad.
Want to Name the Baby?

You can Sponsor the baby, or any other monkey at the sanctuary, to enter your names in the drawing!

Guardian:                                         $100/month                            15 name entries
Primate Protector:                           $50/month                             10 name entries
Monkey Lover:                                 $25/month                               5 name entries
Friend of the Jungle:                       $10/month                                2 name entries

I sponsored a monkey in memory of my mom. My mom's name was Marylou, all of my entries will be Marylou! My mom was my co-founder and my best friend! 

Lindsey, the Mayor of Munchkinland, 
will pick a name from the hat on New Year's Day! 

Kari Bagnall, Executive Director and Founder

P.S. We will be posting a Facebook video featuring the announcement of the baby marmoset's name. Please be sure to check out our Facebook Page on New Year's Day to watch the video.
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