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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dear Friends,

Happy almost Valentine's Day!  We have been busy reorganizing the web site and restocking.  Here are just a few new items added over the past few weeks:

hearts-icon.jpg  Suzuki Book 5 | Suzuki CD 5

 Anna Dunwoodie of New Zealand has new repertoire books for early and intermediate harpists!  Land of the Long White Cloud in four volumes:
Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4  Original and clever compositions.
The name comes from a legend which says that the explorer Kupe's first
indication of land in the distance was the long cloud which hung over the North Island of NZ.

graphic-heart.gif In addition to the Long White Cloud series, Dunwoodie has three more repertoire books for the beginner:  Fairy Tales | Harp Moments 1 | Harp Moments 2    These are all downloadable books; a convenient and economical choice for customers because there is no shipping charge on downloadable books.  Dunwoodie is "tagged" on our site in the right-most column.

Bonnie  Mohr, author of Colorful Adventures on the Harp, Mohr Adventures on the Harp, Colorful Christmas Carols, has a new book: Music Theory for Harp Level 1.

Forever Favorite Frank Voltz
came out with three volumes of Hymns:
The Harpist's Hymnal Volume 1
The Harpist's Hymnal Volume 2
The Harpist's Hymnal Volume 3

New Freebies:
  Sight Reading Workshop Handout (from sight reading workshop given at ISFHC conference) (reference You Tube shown within the description).
Worksheet for young beginner 1 | Worksheet for young beginner 2
These can also be found on Mary's studio page

Bochsa Etudes - Edited and compiled by Carl Swanson - these excellent and classic books have been revised for modern harp study:
Bochsa Revisited Lever Version
Bochsa Revisited Pedal Version

2 new ensemble pieces by Janet Witman,
a superb arranger of ensemble music for harp:  Hey Ho Nobody Home | Star Spangled Banner

Pieces Breve was recommended for us to carry by Serena O'Meara.  It is a collection of seven French pieces: Most are two to three pages in length.
Contents: Première romance sans paroles (Casterède) * Adagietto, Fileuse, Duo (Damase) * Berceuse pour la poupée chinoise, Les quatre doigts du triton (Devos) * Bourrée (Dubois) * Écho (Tournier):  Pieces Breve annotated by Gerard Devos.  Thanks, Serena for this suggestion.  Here is Serena's web site, and we carry most of her music.

Those of you interested in a challenging download may wish to investigate "Rhapsody for Pedal Harp" by Christopher Schwinger.

All of the above can be found in "What's New" on our site.

We'll soon have new music from Joy Slavens, Julietta Rabens, Jeanne DeLaMare, and Cindy Horstman.

Here are a few You Tubes you may enjoy -- 

I thought this was a lovely you tube from good customer Gretchen Cover.  Gretchen helped with our web site when it was stuck and giving us grief.  We were able to figure out a huge problem because she was willing to test on multiple computers over a period of days.

Good friends and great duo, D Squared, are entering an NPR Tiny Desk competition with this song.  Although there isn't harp on this video, they use harp in many of their songs. Check out their web site - harp and banjo DO sound good together!

Our 2 foster dogs, Koda and Paris, have gone to their new homes.  We made these videos to help "sell" them. Special thanks to Bill Mahan whose music seemed appropriate.  Koda's theme song was Tuscan Gold (Golden Retriever Gold), and Paris' theme song was "We'll Always Have Paris"



Repeat from awhile back: My favorite music marking pencil is the Papermate Sharpwriter.  I like the lead because it is .7, just a little thicker than some of the others.  On the package it says "not refillable" - but I found a video that tells you how to refill!  I was so disappointed to think I might have to throw these plastic pencils in the recycling bin after using just one lead, but noooo - watch this video and be kind to the planet. I have tried it and it works fine - it's easy.


Thanks for reading this far! 
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Your friends at Melody's!
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