Lesson Prep through Annotation
Greetings SLC Friends and Fellows,

Schools across our state have adopted many new high-quality curricula and are working hard to implement the lessons to improve learning opportunity and equity for all students. This shift provides us with an exciting opportunity to revisit our instructional planning and practices. 

The School Leadership Center has crafted a Lesson Prep Guide to support a consistent lesson plan annotation and preparation process within your school. The plan has three steps:

1.        Preview: It’s essential that teams of teachers are working together to begin with the end in mind. This step guides the process of unit overview and sets the context of all learning.

2.        Prep: Teachers must complete all of the work of each lesson ahead of time. This means reading and annotating text, solving problems, and crafting answers to essential questions.

3.        Provide: School leaders support strong instructional practices by providing feedback on lesson prep and presentation. 

As you’ll notice, the most critical step in effective lesson preparation is to complete all of the work of the lesson. Each teacher must solve the problems or read and annotate the text associated with the lesson and anticipate specific student needs. We can maximize our impact through effective planning!

Happy Teaching,

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