Monthly Update | May 2019
Mark Your Calendar:
Conference Kick-Off Event

“Media Literacy and the Implications
for Peace Around the Globe”

Wednesday, June 26
5:30pm – 7:30pm
PeaceTech Lab
2301 Constitution Ave NW
Washington, D.C.

Join NAMLE for a cocktail reception to kick off the 2019 Conference at PeaceTech Lab’s new headquarters in the William J. Clinton Center for Peace and Technology! NAMLE’s Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, will start the evening with a welcome message before introducing guest speakers Sheldon Himelfarb, the President and CEO of PeaceTech Lab, and Stephen Adler, Editor-in-Chief at Reuters.
Full Conference Schedule +
Free Pre-Conference Events

Wednesday, June 26

To kick off the 2019 NAMLE conference, several FREE  pre-conference events will be taking place on Wednesday, June 26. You must be registered for the conference to attend a pre-conference event. Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

Not registered for conference? No problem! Check out the full Conference schedule online and register now  to reserve your FREE admission to all pre-conference events!
Media Literacy in the News
The Quest for Slower, Better News
The author of this article in The New Yorker shares his experience replacing his fragmented news consumption routine driven by push notifications and apps with long form, print journalism in an effort to consume more diverse and comprehensive news coverage. [ read more ]
Equipping Teens with Digital Literacy
in the Social Media Age
The Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published an article in their Amplify newsletter which discusses some of the negative impacts of social media on health and body image and the importance of teaching teens digital literacy to combat these effects. [ read more ]
Media and Information Literacy in
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Coalition of Media and Information Users in South East Europe (CMIUSEE) outlined the first meeting which gathered representatives of governmental institutions, civil society organizations and individuals active in the field of development and promotion of media and information literacy (MIL) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [ read more ]
M-Passioned: Meet Our Members
Bobbie Eisenstock, PhD
Journalism Faculty
California State University Northridge (CSUN)
" My goal is to empower media consumers and content creators with the knowledge, skills and experience to actively participate in the world and use their voices for personal and social change. In my teaching, I integrate media literacy and service learning pedagogies to provide opportunities for students to apply their media literacy skills beyond the classroom by partnering with an organization to advance its mission." [ read more ]
New Season: Pacific Heartbeat:
Stories from the Pacific Islands
Pacific Islanders in Communications has released an all-new engagement and discussion guide for season eight of "Pacific Heartbeat," public television's annual showcase of culture and content from and about the Pacific Islands. The new season is available on WORLD Channel and your local PBS station. Downloaded the discussion guide here .
Lesson Plan: What is “Fake News” and How Does It Impact Our Lives?
What is “fake news,” how does it affect our trust in media, and our perception of issues relevant to our daily lives? In this C-SPAN Classroom Deliberation teachers and students will analyze the effect of fake news on traditional media outlets, the reasons and incentives for purveyors of “fake news,” and provide students with resources to strengthen their media literacy skills. The lesson includes a lesson plan, vocabulary preview, background videos and articles and accompanying questions, a note taking chart and deliberation activities. [ learn more ]
Book: The Library Screen Scene
Available July 3rd, The Library Screen Scene, a collaborative effort by authors Renee Hobbs, Liz Deslauriers, and Pam Steager, provides a comprehensive examination of film & media programming in school, public & academic libraries. Featuring more than 170 examples from school, public and academic libraries, it explores the work of librarians who develop film and media literacy education programs, library services, and media collections to unite generations, cultures, and communities. [ pre-order ]
Common Sense Education:
Finding Credible News Lesson
Sign up for free for Common Sense Education and get access to this lesson plan and activities that will help students dig into why and how false information ends up online, and then practice evaluating the credibility of what they're finding online. This lesson meets standards for Common Core ELA, CASEL, AASL and ISTE. [ learn more ]
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