Lessons Learned, Part Deux & Meeting ROTSIM

February 2022 At C-Level
Here we are, the end of February.
The year is nearing 20% gone -- if we're still "waiting to start," then stop that. It's moving along, with or without you.
There's talk of some semblance of prior lives coming back into the picture. Won't say "normal, because I question if that ever even existed in the first place.
Let us know if we can help in any way – we’re here for you.
On to this month’s At C-Level:
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Featured Articles
10 Client Lessons from 2021, PART DEUX
by D. Kevin Berchelmann

Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.
         -- Aristotle

It’s interesting… this 2-part series has just ten client lessons learned from 2021. I could double that number with little effort. Helping and watching clients grow, learn and succeed creates an incredible learning environment for me.

Part two has another five lessons, all picked up as I work with, observe and assist clients. These are a bit more personal, and deal with our actionable behaviors.

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part series
Meetings are for people who aren’t too busy
by Kevin D. Ross
An old friend sent me a picture the other day of this blue ribbon that says, “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” He obviously remembers how I feel about meetings.

We leaders have got to get a handle on the endless parade of time-wasting, morale-draining meetings we expect our people to sit through!
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