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Dear Friends,

In this highly ambiguous world we have been living in the last 15 months, I have watched my daughters attend school virtually, play with friends outside at a safe distance, and learn the art of trying to express how they were feeling when many of the rules of the game seemed to shift overnight. The resiliency of youth was a powerful study in a life lesson that can serve all of us as we enter the next phase of freedom or normalcy (whatever that now means). In ways big and small, kids seemed to adjust better than most adults.

It’s that same sense of resiliency that my clients have been forced to adapt to in such a demanding housing market, where we are seeing one of the most aggressive seller’s markets since 2005. Buyers are forced to endure multiple offer situations, sometimes competing against 10 or 20 offers just to find out they didn’t win an escalation war on a home they envisioned living in for the next 10 years. Time and time again, clients were forced to go back to the drawing board and regroup, showing that same sense of resiliency that we have seen in children all over the world since last March.

While the last year seemed to crawl by, my wife Julie and I watched in sheer admiration at how both of our girls pushed through some very challenging times. Rowan (almost 2) didn’t know another world existed. Now whenever she gets to leave the house, she runs to the door; even a trip to the grocery store brings a huge smile to her face. Last weekend we went downtown as a family and enjoyed dinner on the patio at one of our favorite restaurants in DC: Zaytinya. It felt so nice to be out again enjoying time with our girls, thanks in large part to our vaccinations, but in no small part to the sheer resilience and willpower of our little ones. It was a real cause for celebration.

What did you learn from this pandemic? How will it help you face other obstacles that you encounter? If one of those hurdles involves solving a real estate issue, I am just a simple e-mail or call away. 

I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter, which includes a Spring Escape guide and information about Falls Church, including current active listings.

Take care,

Vice President, TTRSIR
Living In: Falls Church
Falls Church is a unique, historic, and vibrant city that dates all the way back to the 1600s, and is conveniently located just miles from Washington, DC. Known for its urban village community, everyone is bound to find something they love: plentiful community activities, excellent shops and restaurants in each neighborhood, fascinating history, and access to all manner of jobs.

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