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So often when I go hiking, I have an “aha” moment. I find nature always teaches me about life. This happened to me recently. I often hike in Wildwood, a popular hiking place in our area. I hiked yesterday and found it to be easy and enjoyable on my way to what is called Lizard Rock. Today’s hike was quite a different experience.

As I entered the park, I often take the same entrance. No matter how many times I have done it, I am surprised at how winded I am going up the steep entrance but once I get over the hump and go downhill, I am good to continue.

But today as I went on the trail heading towards Lizard Rock, I found the hills bothersome and arduous.  It quickly set the tone for me. I could not figure out why today was so much more difficult then yesterday. Today felt like I was constantly going up hills with no breaks and it felt like I was walking in thick mud. I cannot remember ever feeling this way on this trail. One continuous hill after another. “Has it always been this way?” I was quite perplexed. I wanted to just finish my hike and get to Lizard Rock. To meet the goal I set for myself.
So, I plugged along and finally I got to part of the trail that was flat where I could take a breath, center myself and gather my thoughts. I knew to finish this hike I needed to shift my thoughts. So, as I walked, I focused on how beautiful the day was. I looked at the blue sky, white puffy clouds, and how clear the day was. I started to appreciate the outside air and the beautiful city I live in. This is when I had an “aha” moment, I thought to myself this is “life.” There are times that hills feel like mountains when I have had challenges in my life where it feels hard. Some may say right now with all the chaos in our country and in the world, feels like mountains, hard to get over and no end in sight. 

Yes, today, the hills felt higher than they really were, but it was when I took the time to stop my inner dialogue, stopped the complaining and just became “present” with the situation and more importantly when I finally stopped fighting it, it all melted away.

“Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to
 rather than opposing the flow of life”
                                                                                                  Eckhart Tolle

I must admit this was not one of my favorite hikes, but I learned something value today. Yes, it can be hard, yes, I can complain but all that does is create more frustration. When I finally could let go of my inner dialogue and get into gratitude the hike was worth doing. More importantly I allowed myself to see how nature is a mirror for life. My hike today showed me that when something is not pleasurable in life, if I continue to fight it, I suffer, if I let it go, and be with it, it will pass for nothing is permanent. Just as the hike ended so will difficult times.


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