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This is a trail that I told myself I would not go back until the fall but the other day I found myself back on this trail. I told myself “it will be quick in and out.” Perfect for I did not have much time. But the thing about this trail is that it always takes me longer than I think. I absolutely enjoy the expansiveness of Wildwood, but this is one trail I do not enjoy during summer.

This trail is fully exposed to the sun making it a sandy dirt path with lots of rocks. All the different sizes rocks and unevenness makes my hike one that requires full alertness so as not to trip or twist an ankle. Within minutes on this trail, I feel irritated and want to get out but my little voice inside me says “you can do this, challenge yourself.” So, I did.

My irritation arose as I realized there are very few stopping points to get a break from the roughness of the trail. Only small pauses and then rocks, alertness, and irritation all over again. I realize, this is it, our lives right now. Since the pandemic, six months ago, it seems like we cannot get a break from the uncomfortableness of life and with that comes a lot of irritation. If there has been a pause, it has been short lived just like my trail.
At one point this trail was so rocky, so rough so unlike anything I have seen in Wildwood, I felt I had stepped onto another planet. I envision the moon this way, desolate, nothingness, rock hard dirt and rocks everywhere.  Just like life, most of this year has felt like we are on another planet, nothing looks the same as when we started the new year.

We are in the midst of big changes and it does not feel good. It never feels good while going through the changes. I too don't feel good when I personally go through life changes. It is much later that I can appreciate the shifts and growth that have come about because of the changes.

                                               “Make friends with change” Ram Dass

                                               “Find balance in the midst of change” Jack Kornfield

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of chaos,
and sometimes in the middle of chaos, you find yourself”, Boonaa Mohammed

I was happy to come to the end of my hike and to be on smooth and even ground. I knew eventually I would be on solid ground and I was grateful for I felt more comfortable and at ease with each step. I believe we all will, at some point, be on solid ground. I also knew that by focusing on other things like my breath and my body during the hike made the time pass quicker and the hike actually became more tolerable. 


Massage Day, it is my favorite day of the week