February 2021
By Shari Houser

We are a little over a month into the New Year, and my team and I are still reflecting over our Cohen Clinic’s achievements over the last year.

We feel grateful that our evidence-based therapy provided a much-needed resource during a time of great challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all in different ways and my staff are true frontline heroes. I, and each person they serve, appreciate them putting aside their own pain to work with others each and every day.
The fact that we were able to seamlessly pivot our operations when cases first began to increase last year is a true testimony to the high standard to excellence set by Cohen Veterans Network. We immediately transitioned our staff to completely work remotely and provide telehealth services, face-to-face video therapy, to our clients – without a full day of client care being lost! Everyone was ready and trained to provide virtual care. We stayed focused and mission-driven, as well as very creative, launching a series of online webinars, speaking on military-connected podcasts, while also making TV news appearances and participating in media interviews that made it into our local newspapers. This was all to get the word out … that we’re here, that we’re a resource, and that we want to continue to help.
Our team also celebrated a few personal milestones along the way, with one wedding and two babies being born! In addition, our staff grew to meet the needs of our community. Throughout 2020, word spread about our services and our client count sky-rocketed, not only here in San Diego, but throughout the state (thanks to telehealth), which highlights the need for our services. We see this trend continuing into 2021.
Looking ahead, we are excited to reach out further into our community and increase our outreach to Oceanside and northern San Diego County. We remain focused on being THE mental health resource for veterans and military families as we continue to navigate through the pandemic and the mental health challenges that it creates. We aim to continue to be the clinic of choice as families are impacted, during the pandemic and afterwards.
How has our Cohen Clinic positively impacted you and your family? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email us at info@cohenvvsd.org.
Lessons in Love & Couple's Therapy
As we approach Valentine's Day, we are providing "Lessons in Love" from military couples that ANY couple can employ to strengthen their relationship. See below some tips from a couple of our Cohen Clinic military spouse staff members.
February is Black History Month
Join us in recognizing and celebrating the incredible contributions of our Black veterans and service members.

Did you Know?
The Golden Thirteen were 13 enlisted Sailors who became the first African-American commissioned and warrant officers in the U.S. Navy during World War II.
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