November 29, 2016
Parents Rave About Cohousing in Northern California
ABC 10 News | October 2016
Imagine a community where neighbors know each other, kids play outside together until it’s time for dinner…and when that time comes, dinner is cooked and ready on the table.

“Calling the kids in for dinner can be challenging, because they’re having so much fun they don’t want to come home,” Carlyle Miller said about her two daughters. “So carving out that family time can be more challenging, but we’ve found ways to deal with that.”

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Congrats to Member Marty!
On November 16th, Marty was recognized as Environmentalist of the Year for her work in establishing our cohousing community!
The Awards ceremony was put on by ECOS (Environmental Council of Sacramento), and many of our members were in attendance.
Photo : Brandon Rose (ECOS President) to Marty's right and Andy Sawyer (ECOS Board Member) to her left.

Homes in Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be solar-ready, and meet the most efficient energy codes in the country. Community sharing and cooperation will limit our environmental footprints.  Working together with our neighbors allows us to live more sustainably.
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to learn more about our commitment to sustainability. 

It’s a dream come true to realize we are close to starting construction next spring.

View a video of Marty's speech on our YouTube channel .
Fair Oaks EcoHousing members Joy, Marty, Roz and Linda H at the Awards Ceremony.
Upcoming Events
Berkeley Presentation
Saturday, December 3rd: 1-3pm

Developing California's 35th cohousing neighborhood - Fair Oaks EcoHousing Member Marty Maskall shares her experience.

3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Cohousing Presentation
Sunday, December 4th: 2-3:30pm

Learn about the benefits of cohousing from future Fair Oaks EcoHousing residents.

Gatehouse Clubhouse
20720 Fourth Street, Saratoga, CA 

Imagine living in a community close to hiking, biking, nature walks, fishing and kayaking, just blocks from the American River and its miles of bike trails. Fair Oaks is in Eastern Sacramento County, with excellent connections via Amtrak.

We're seeking the rest of our future neighbors! 

Can't join us that day?
An additional tour will be offered on Saturday, January 14th!
FO EcoHousing Site Tour
Saturday, December 10th

Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be a neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento.  

Come see the site and our architectural plans, and meet our members at an upcoming tour. Kids are welcome. 

Meet at 10:30am at the Fair Oaks Coffeehouse in Fair Oaks Village, at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd, at the intersection with Park Drive. Look for us on the side of the Coffeehouse, in the patio area or in the building at the back.

We can carpool to the site. The tour will last about an hour, with an optional lunch afterwards at the Siam Patio Restaurant or the Smokey Oaks Tavern
Sunday, December 18th

Join us for a potluck at 6:00pm in Fair Oaks.

This will be a chance for a fun evening with the members of Fair Oaks EcoHousing.

First-time guests do not need to bring a dish to share. Food and drink will be provided.

Family-friendly: kids are welcome.

Making the Leap: Let Community Be Your Parachute!
Joining cohousing involves "making the leap." By believing in the enormous benefits of living in a community devoted to neighborliness, our members have made the commitment to this vision. If this vision inspires you, contact us!

Member Frank Tanforan recently made the leap (literally) to celebrate his birthday: 
Frank says:
I was innocently browsing the internet looking for money-off restaurant coupons when I saw a half-off coupon for tandem skydiving. My 80th birthday is coming up and I thought a skydive would be an appropriate way to commemorate it. So I purchased a voucher.

Then I found out that since I'm over 70, I need an official looking note from my doctor clearing me for this activity. This involved emails between my Kaiser primary care provider, my cardiologist, and my cardiac surgeon. They all concluded (probably after they stopped laughing) that it was okay for me to skydive. I finally got the required note on Kaiser letterhead.

I was going to skydive on the 30th, my birthday, but decided not to risk the weather in late November. So I took advantage of the great fall weather we're currently experiencing.  My instructor and I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on November 3rd. The photo above shows us during the initial free fall period.

Starting at about 13,000 ft. altitude, we fell about 3-4,000 ft. before opening the parachute. Free fall is amazing, just dropping straight down through the air. Then the parachute opens with a jerk and you start gliding earthward in complete silence, dangling in the harness with nothing between you and the surrounds.

Needless to say, I was entranced. I regret I didn’t have this experience when I was younger. As it stands, I'm too old to be trained for solo skydiving. At least I have this memory of a great birthday commemoration.
Welcome to Anne Birchfield and Karen Edson
Welcome to two of our newest Fair Oaks EcoHousing Members! Meet them below.
ANNE BIRCHFIELD was born in San Diego and has also lived in Davis, Fair Oaks, and Orangevale. She enjoys traveling, camping, books, pets, and kids! Her four children have given her nine lively grandchildren, six of whom are local. She chose to join the Fair Oaks EcoHousing group because it reminded her of  the wonderful community life she experienced while living at UC San Diego Family Housing. Anne recently retired from a 31-year career in K-8 Education, and looks forward to expanding her horizons! Her youngest daughter would also like you to know that she has a sweet spot for dark chocolate and Jane Austen remakes, and that she cooks a mean casserole.

KAREN EDSON is a fourth generation Californian who grew up in Eureka. She spent her summers in the redwoods along the Eel River, as well as camping and hiking in the Trinity Alps and Klamath Mountains. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she went to work on environmental issues in the office of State Senator Peter Behr – a leader in the creation of Point Reyes National Seashore and author of California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. When his term ended, she joined the first Jerry Brown administration, leading to an appointment to the California Energy Commission where she served until early 1984. 

At the end of her term, she married, traveled for a year around the world, and then founded a small consulting firm that represented renewable energy producers, industrial firms with combined heat and power, and electric vehicle interests. After a respite from consulting, she joined the California Independent System Operator in 2005 as VP of Policy and Client Services. Karen retired in 2016 and is devoting time to her hobbies (quilting and kayaking), service on a national non-profit board, and a new puppy. She is an empty nester with two wonderful grown sons, one of whom lives in Sacramento.

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Pictured: Fair Oaks Village, Fair Oaks Theatre Festival, Floating the American River.