Overcome your financial fears this Halloween season! October 2016 Newsletter
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 Just be a madman or woman about getting rid of debt...Debt isn't a pet. Don't keep it around.
-Michelle Singletary
The Earned Income Tax Credit and You
Tax season is here and for those who use the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and expect a refund, the time is now to determine what to do with that money.

The late arrival of the EITC refund gives you time to make the best decision for you and your family.

Pay off a debt? Deposit it into a savings account? Get                ahead on some of your bills?
These options and more will provide you with opportunities to have a financially positive 2018.  Read more

2018: The year to get on track, financially
Weight scale with dollar signs
Each year, Americans name some of form of financial improvement as a New Year's resolution.

This can be the year you and your family turn this goal into a reality.

Pick and choose from the list financial resolutions or follow all of them to see 2018 become the year you get on track financially.  Read more

Irregular expenses and budget help
Wouldn't it b e great if you had the money available to pay any bill at any time?

If that's no t your reality, you're not alone. A majority of Americans get into debt, not only becaus e of bad spending habits, but because of a lack of money to pay for everything when they need it.

An emergency savings account can help with surprise  expenses, but creating a budget for irregular or revolving expenses - costs that don't occur monthly, but intermittently  throughout the year - will give you a handle on payments and bills.

Use the attached budget spreadsheets to budget monthly for those medication costs, car insurance payments, property taxes, holiday shopping and more. View here
Fair Credit Staff Profile: Meet Mathew Marcelis

For nearly a year, Mathew has helped Utahns get on the road of financial recovery through his work for Fair Credit. 

A personal finance counselor in the agency's Debt Management Program, he and others on the Fair Credit team assist clients use a variety of tools that can make financial stability a reality. 

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