It's been your average week over here in the US. Nothing exciting happening. No big whoop. Just one of the most consequential times in our country, and for the world at large... At the time of this writing (12:15pm, Friday Nov. 6th), there is still no declared winner of our Presidential election. But regardless of who ends up in the White House, we can already see that no one has won with our nation as divided as it is.

This means that we as Americans have work to do - no one else can heal our country but you and me, We The People. This is not something that you can outsource to politicians or governments: Understanding, connection, shared humanity, and unity are qualities and "states" of being we each have to manifest within ourselves and among the people in our lives and our communities.

If you've been in my orbit for a while you know I’m always talking about how the microcosm affects the macrocosm and vice versa - so what we are seeing is the divide within each of us as individuals externalized in the collective. In other words, this election is simply the magnifying mirror that is showing us who we are. Therefore it’s up to each and everyone of us to find unity, peace and harmony first within ourselves, and then operate from that place in all our relationships and interactions, especially with those who are of a different mindset, political persuasion, culture, race or religion.

We must open our hearts and minds to others with differing viewpoints and find some common ground, understanding and acceptance. We must dig deep and find out what is really true for us, not what is being poured out relentlessly from one news network, social media channel or any particular publication or politician. We must think and feel for ourselves what it means to be human, and see that in everyone - no matter what "side" they are on. We must put ourselves in the shoes of another and try to see things from their perspective and experience instead of judging, other-izing or demonizing them. We must remember that at the end of the day, when you boil it down to the basics, we all want the same things and suffer to varying degrees with the same issues. We need to take responsibility for our own healing and not project it onto others, or expect a pill or law or person to do it for us.

The only real win for our nation will be if we take this division as an opportunity to learn how to come together to coexist harmoniously, separate and apart from any government, no matter who is in charge. We are not a political party, we are PEOPLE. I realize this might sound too idealistic, but it needs to be the goal even if it is a long, ugly and painful road getting there. Detox and transformation is never a pretty or fun process, but is always worth it in the end.

So no matter what happens, hold the ideals of Truth, Justice, Beauty and Goodness as the core concepts and energies that come forth regardless of the outcome or form it takes - because what we focus on grows and the Universe works in mysterious ways. Let’s put our energy towards and envision a bright future ahead for everyone, in every city, in every state, and in every country. That means everyone.

The day of the election, prior to any results, I posted this on Instagram:

I have come to understand that this election is perhaps the *least* political I’ve ever experienced. It is simply a reflection of who we have become as a people. In other words, there is much more at stake and going on than meets the eye and we need to come together as AMERICANS and more importantly as HUMANS. 🙌

That is it.

This is the test, so no matter who you did or didn’t vote for and who your friend, family member or neighbor voted for, we are going to have to learn to work it out with each other and find some common ground and connection to build a future we can ALL be proud of and thrive in.

No matter who wins, “othering” and “canceling” will never get us to this shared place of peace and prosperity that we all deserve 💜✨🌎

Let’s #focusonunity, PERIODT⚡️

‘Cause guess what? You don’t need a politician to legislate or mandate understanding, healing and ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Today's PGG Video of the week asks how you can change the world, and this Instagram post offers a good image for you to visualize and focus on. For something a little more in-depth about my thoughts on what I think we need to do as individuals, check out this podcast style interview with Rick Young of What's in Your Hand Radio Show.

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Big hug,

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Let Love Rule
Originally published on September 28, 2010

When Lenny Kravitz came out with his anthem in 1989, the world was at once very different and exactly the same as it is now. The Cold War has been replaced by the War on Terror, the Middle East remains a mess, and there are still far too many people on the planet who live in the midst of hunger, disease and injustice. Racism and religious bigotry are alive and well, and economies and the environment are in the tank. Heavy sigh…when will we ever learn?

So what is little ole’ you to do? Well if, as the saying goes, peace begins with me, then the question is, Are you at war with yourself or with the people closest to you?

A loving relationship with yourself must come before you can be in one with another, or to even just get along with your family, neighbors or strangers on the subway. We have to take the time and energy to forgive and love ourselves and others. It’s our responsibility to dig deep to see what is going on inside us, understand it and then have the courage to communicate honestly and lovingly first to ourselves, and then to those around us when appropriate.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe when used intelligently and intentionally; it can move mountains, heal, connect and transform.

What are you waiting for? There is no more important time than now to let love start ruling your world. Love of yourself, love of each other, love of your work, and love of life itself — the very breath and heartbeat that is allowing you to read this!

Need a little mediation between your head and your heart, what you earn and what you’re worth, your desires and your reality, or you and your significant other? Give me a buzz and I’ll be the peacekeeping force that helps you reconcile all the conflict zones in your life and make love the law of the land!

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