I recently came across a bidet when a client, who was moving, offered it to me on consignment. It was a fabulous 19th Century European French antique portable bidet that she didn't want. I knew immediately that it had great potential... and the wheels starting turning!  

Dating back to the 17th century, the bidet has been used to keep families clean, fresh, and ready for anything! Today, in Europe and Asia, it is still used with great popularity. In fact, in Japan, over 80% of households enjoy the benefits of a bidet toilet.
I was drawn to this piece as a collector. I began researching to find that many bidets are incredibly beautiful works of art in unusual shapes & patterns, with interesting materials and craftsmanship. With the help of my "willing" husband who acknowledged that the bidet needed some love, we got to work -- sanding and coating the bidet with a water-based varnish and transforming this wonderful vintage piece into an incredible planter for herbs and small flowers. I see it working in any room, inside and outside a home.

I suppose this is what has always attracted me to vintage merchandise .
I can't help but see the underlying potential and beauty beneath the surface. Besides, with each vintage piece, there's almost always a good story!
Planting this Holiday Weekend?
We've got a great French Majolica Art Nouveau Antique Brown Glazed Poppy Floral Planter/Flower Pot This beautiful French Art Nouveau glazed flower pot/planter is from 1900-1910 and is ready for planting your herbs or patio palm tree. It has a dark brown base with deep orange poppies and green leaves front and center. The inside has gradations from dark brown on the top down to a lighter tan on the bottom, and the outside bottom is a rich gold color.

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