The latest episode of La Bonne Nouvelle features irrigated watermelons fields & 40’ containers of Haitian watermelons en route to the US. It is this project that threatens oligarchs & unleashes the wrath of Satan through them on Haiti & President Jovenel .
burning barricades
Demonic battles
On Sunday June 9, Opposition forces again hired armed gangs to riot in the streets of Port au Prince. These riots include burning tire barricades that prevent 11 million Haitian citizens from going to school, work, hospitals, markets, or church, & paralyze businesses throughout the nation. National Police did little to insure the safety of citizens & property as the Police Chief is part of the Opposition against the elected President & ordered police not to return fire!
AmAmb Jovenel
Democracy stands
The Opposition’s purpose to create a façade of popular uprising is failing despite biased reporting that the thrice elected President should step down & an interim government assume power. The Core Group or International Community comprised of US, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil & OAS & UN representatives, continue to stand with President Jovenel; they condemn Haiti’s corrupt political & economic sectors’ conspiracy to overthrow an elected president
watermelon fields
God's plan
Decades of oligarchs’ monopolies on government contracts are threatened as Jovenel nullified contracts granted by previous President Privert. Jovenel is building roads, electric plants & irrigation for farms. His vision is to put Haiti on the international produce market competing with South & Central America for US produce imports. President Jovenel says, God put this vision in my heart & nothing will stop me.
Milot school puppets