Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal December 2018
Let There Be Light!
Your caring and support lights up our world and
the world of Cambodian children.

Still looking for a meaningful holiday gift?

How about one of our charming bracelets? 
All proceeds will help educate a child.
We still have some small 6” black & green bracelets
for only $25 each.
Rebuild a Toilet
Thank you to all who participated on Giving Tuesday . We made a great headway on our Global Giving Toilet Refurbishment project .

Our goal is to rebuild 100 outhouses for toilets initially installed with palm fronds that have disintegrated over the past 6 years. $45 will supply the bricks, $90 will completely rebuild the outhouse.

Perhaps this could be a highly unusual holiday gift for someone that has everything, including a great sense of humor.  

A special thanks to generous supporters who donated many latrines:
Cayo & Fred Marschner, Paul Christakos, Andrew Ng, Alexis Brink, Peter & Mary Jo Farrell, Eileen & David Peretz, Gail Tsuboi, Lesley Robin.
Matching Funds
Please ask if your company has a matching fund program which will double your contribution.

Thanks to Jim Chiappe who made a generous donation which was matched 1:2 by his employer in conjunction with the Contra Costa Christian Schools giving program. Now our very own young philanthropist, Tabi Hansen , will have a lot more funds to continue her successful piglet program that she spearheaded with her family only a year ago.  Go Tabi!
Thank You
to Adrian Molina & Dennis Hunter of Warrior Flow , Yoga Gurus extraordinaire, who are always looking for ways to support CCDO through retreats and workshops. Their next benefit will be in New York in mid January.
CCDO Board Member Carol Duster and Moonlight Pizza in Salida, Colorado for another yummy fundraiser, which brought in 2 water wells and 2 latrines plus other donations. 
Thank you to Kevin Lin Organization from Taiwan . This is the 3 rd year that they raise funds and awareness by running to build wells. An elaborate video is made as they watch our construction team build the well from start to finish.
Staff News
We are so proud of Pin Sok , WASH Coordinator and Sitha Sok , Education Trainer , who have completed the American Express Leadership
course in Singapore. They were the only Cambodians to attend this
prestigious week long workshop course with 45 participants from other ASEAN countries.
Volunteer Interns
Hello to Begona Serrano from Spain , who will be helping with our WASH program and is committed to a 6 month internship to help make a difference in Cambodian lives.

Goodbye to Katy Tan who has done a great job with the education department and has also been working on grant proposals and volunteer program. You are always welcome back anytime.