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Pesach Products Video
with Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz

Find out about all the new pesach products, what items don’t need a hashgacha, kitniyot, differences in matzot and much more.  

Pesach Haggada Classes

 via Zoom

Stay tuned for more information.

Pesach Prep Made Easy
Get your home and kitchen ready in just a few hours. 

on Sunday March 22 at 10am, and will also be recorded for later viewing
Keilim Kashering Service

We will not be able to
offer Kashering at
the Shul this year.
However, we’re arranging with a group to come to your home and kasher your utensils for a modest fee. Those kashering will proceed with meticulous care, caution and sensitivity to ensure the well-being of all. 
Details to follow.
Seder & Yom Tov Meals 

We want to ensure that everyone is taken care of for Sedarim and Pesach meals.
We are currently seeking guidance from medical experts as to how individuals living alone can have a Seder with another couple/family without compromising their health. For anyone who, due to the health crisis, must be home alone for Pesach, we are arranging “Pesach Seder in a Box” with all the essentials for the Seder. Strict care will be given to ensure safe food preparation and handling.

If you can make a contribution to support this project, (this is considered Maot Chitim),
please click here .

Caterers and Restaurants offering Kosher L’Pesach food

Currently we are aware of the following establishment offering Kosher for Pesach Food.
This list is likely to change as time goes on.
Pico Kosher Deli/MGM 424-309-7676  Website

Lieders   Website  310-909-7223

Schwartz - delivery only 310-777-7577  Website

La Gondola 310-247-1239

Tierra Sur 805-983-1560

Culinary Creations by Chumie 818-300-5687

Beverly Hills Kosher Meat Market 310-276-7232